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I would not be concerned about your child not learning bowel movements first, both my children were the same way. My son would not have a bowel movement unless he was wearing a diaper. Keep trying! It seems to me that when they do it once and are praised to the high heavens for it they will usually continue to use the potty.

My daughter would not pee on the potty for the longest time! I knew she was ready because she would throw a tamtrum everytime she wet in her diaper. She would start to go and become terrified at the feel of it. I finally made her sit there, she would start and stop and I would reassure her that everything was all right. She was trained in no time.

What kind of potty is your child sitting on? My son loved the children's potty, but my daughter prefered to have the seat placed on the big toilet.

Once you get them started the rest is fairly easy. At first I had to be very diligent in asking if they had to go, after awhile they could tell me.

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