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I know this is a touchy subject, but something we must talk about also. I was raised with my mom alone and my mom and I were really close especially after the divorce. She always felt comfortable walking around me in her underwears and sometimes even nude, but not too much, the thing is now I have kids of my own and my wife sometimes does the samething also, she sometimes shows too must around the house with the boys around, I have a 10 yr old son and I sometimes, think its not right, she should cover up more, she says that its only our son and she doesnt feel there's anything wrong with her being this way around him...what do you think about this?

I am 26 with 3 kids who are 7 1/2, 4, and 2 1/2. The oldest 2 are girls so we don't really have much of a problem. I am almost always fully dressed around all of them. Sometimes one of them might wander into my roon after my shower when I just have bra and panties on, but the girls don't care about that and my son is too young. I would never be nude around my son. EVER! And my hubby would never walk around nude in front of the girls. Hell, he never even walks around without a shirt on!

I would never walk around nude or in my underwear around a 10 year old boy, even if he was my son. I would especially not do it if my husband had already expressed concerns about it to me. IMO, it is highly inappropriate what your wife is doing and I can fully understand why it bugs you. Does it give your wife some kind of thrill or something? Does she do this when he has friends around?

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I do not make it a practice to walk around my house naked. If I'm in my room getting showered or dressed, I don't usually close the door unless there are non-family members in the house. My kids will occasionally walk into my room to ask or tell me something. My teenage daughter doesn't care, but will usually walk out of my room if I'm not dressed. My ten year old son will walk in and start carrying on a conversation--he could care less. It doesn't bother him, nor does he stare or even seem to notice that there's anything different about me (like that I'm not wearing clothes). I usually ask him to let me get ready in private, and he leaves. My husband sleeps in the nude and will lay around in our bedroom without clothes on, but does not ever walk around the house that way. He doesn't mind our son in the room if he's naked, but will cover up if our daughter walks in. He also has not allowed her to be naked around him since she was about 10 and started developing--HE felt uncomfortable with it. I guess all families are different.

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