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Hi Glitterygrl~
My son is 12 and I have realized for the last couple of years that kids are more advanced these days...and I thought I was cool back then. I feel that sometimes when kids find out the "new, cool stuff" they feel the need to keep up with their friends. I think that since you watch her continuously this may be the case. I constantly (Ok,I will get bashed for this.......!) "monitor" what is in my son's room. I do talk to him daily about HIS life (school and friends). I know that I would be shocked to find the things that you found but there are times that I realize that my son knows WAY more than he's telling me. I think that is natural though. He is totally hormonal now....voice changing, hair, and flirty with the girls. I know it is happening and no matter I try to pretend that he is still my little boy, I realize that he is growing into a man. I feel that you need to keep that communication open. I am sure that you are sick over it....about how I felt when my son asked me what a hard-on was AND when he asked about "jerking off". Lord, the things they talk about at school. I am sure that he laughed along with his friends when he first heard it but I am glad that he felt he could come home and ask me about them.

I was a little concerned about your daughter's wish to kill someone. That sort of thing should not even be joked about as cool. (not saying that sex is either) I think that I would talk to her more often. It may be hard at first but it is important. Sometimes kids try WAY too hard to get attention and end up doing horrible things. I think I would get the advice from a therapist on that one. Just my thoughts!

Best of Luck to you all!

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