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The thing I always loved about my kids when they were toddlers was that it was easy to distract them from one activity or behavior and engage them in another. For example, if your child tries to hit you (or succeeds at it), tell her, "Don't hit, it hurts," or "Don't hit, it's not nice." And then engage her in doing something constructive. Be sure to use as few words as possible when explaining what she did wrong. When changing her diaper or clothes, involve her. Give her a choice of two diapers from which to choose, or two shirts, asking "Do you want the dog shirt or the yellow one?" (Even if she doesn't know colors, if you hold up the yellow shirt as you ask about it she'll be able to tell which one you're talking about and point to the one she'd like.). Have her hold the powder for you, etc. And try to make it a fun time. Joke around with her, make her laugh by being silly, or sing some songs with her. If all else fails and you're totally frazzled, put her in her room/crib, go into yours, and settle down. Remember, she's only 19 months old and is learning how the world works. A toddler usually learns by touching, modeling observed behavior, and experimentation. Tantrums often occur due to a lack of understanding, frustration, and/or fatigue. Toddlers can't foresee the consequences of their behaviors. Nor can they reflect upon what they've done after being corrected. So, correct her in several words, engage her in a different activity, and try to let her "help" with daily routines. Toddlers can be tremendous fun! Just wait till she's 13... :eek:

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