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this thread really hits home, I am a 34 yr old who pulls her hair out litterally, For me it is am abandonment issue and it is how I delt with it as a child, Now it is a blind habit, when I am bored or stressed it is how I deal with it. I am guessing but the stories I have read the kids too are using it as a stress management technique. I hope you can get help for your kids. They need to know that everyone is ok and that they are not being abandoned by anyone.

The sad part is it is a type of self mutilation, just like cutting, It needs to be dealt with immediately or they like I will be dealling with it for thier entire lives. THis seems to be passed over as it doesn't seem like anything major, but it is. It can be just as debillitating as other forms of self mutilation.

Best of luck, I hope you can find a Dr. who will take this seriously

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