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My friend's daughter did this same thing when she was about 10. If I remember correctly, the doctors thought she may have a disorder that caused her to do it. They thought it was a subconscious thing for her......she was beginning to go through puberty and was dealing with some teasing at school. Most doctors felt that her "pulling" was similar to the "cutting", eating problems or other disorders that some people do to deal with stress or other issues. They felt that the teasing at school may have had a lot to do with her problem. Some doctors wanted to try her daughter on types of depression/anxiety meds. My friend already had antibiotic creams and medicines. Her daughter's eyelashes were thick and long and when she started pulling them (sides first), she just didn't stop until she hardly had any left. This was over a 1 1/2yr period. My friend decided to bypass her family doc and to see an opthamologist after about 6 months. Even then, it took a while to get things straightened out. Not sure exactly which doctor did what (sorry!) but I do remember that my friend didn't want to rush into the "drug route". One doctor recommended that she note when her daughter is MOST likely to "pull" (in her case, in her bedroom at night) and she tried to change the bedtime routine. She would either sleep in the room with her daughter or remain in the room chatting with her until she fell asleep. I guess this kept her mind off of it--anyway, after about 6 weeks, everything was back to normal. That was a several years ago (she is now 15) but she says she still doesn't know why she did it. Maybe you should "investigate" a little deeper and try to figure out if something hidden is bothering her.

This is just my thoughts.....I would definitely see a doctor/specialist with this if it doesn't stop. I remember them telling my friend that some eye disorders can cause it too BUT that if they continue to "pull" it can be very dangerous to their eyes.

Gracious, sorry it was so long! I just hope that you understand what I was trying to say.

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