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My dd is 2yrs old and on her 2nd b-day we put her in a toddler bed. I am looking for some good ideas to decorate. I have painted her room red and put some white waynescot(sp)half way up her walls, but then I could not think of anything else. I want a theme, but I'm not sure what to go with. I think I painted to early because I cannot think of anything to go with the red and white. I was gonna go with ladybugs, but cant find anything that has ladybugs on it. I can decorate our house, but am having a block on her bedroom. I also have a t.v in her bedroom and now it sets on her dresser and dont like that because I always think what if she tries to climb on it then it's falls over on her, so any ideas on how to incorporate her tv safely would be greatly appreciated also, thank you.
I purchased a blue race car toddler bed for my 2 year old. All the accesories in his room (lamps. curtains, etc,) are also blue and his walls are currently a vibrant green. I would like to make his room more toddler appropriate. It still very much looks like a nursery. I was considering painting his walls a deep red, or a coffee (tanish) color, or both?? And accessorising in reds and blues. My husband says that red is too strong of a color and that the tanish color is too mature. Is he right? :confused:

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