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My child's doctor also advised against the Ferber method and told me it is not a good thing to let a baby cry. Why don't you try to move the crib next to your bed. That way it is not a new crib AND a new room for your child to get used to, instead your child can still see you and get used to the crib at the same time. Once the child is comfortable with the crib, you can try to move it in the other room. I can only advice new mothers not to even start letting the baby sleep in your bed, but in their cribs.
[quote]Originally posted by spfnlf:
[b]My daughter is 9 month old and she has been sleeping in our bed from birth, now I want to wean her and get her to sleep in her own crib. But she cries non stop.

This last feeding the night time one. I don't know how to do it. I tried letting her sleep in our bed without feeding by bringing a bottle but no. So now I am trying the crib and weaning at the same time. Anyone, please give me input. Thank you[/b][/quote]

honestly? i'd tackle one thing at a time. doing both, in my opinion, would be too hard for the baby. i'd say do the crib transition first. once that is smoothed out, then you can tackle weaning. (i assume you mean night weaning and not total weaning since your baby is only 9 mo old?)

it's pretty normal for babies to want to continue nursing during the night for quite some time.

good luck.

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