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I just called my daughter after reading your post. I had to share this with her! She has a 5 yr old and a 10 month old. When she was pregnant with her newest little one, the 5 year old suddenly started urinating in the floor for no apparent reason. When questioned, like your child, he had no answer other than I don't know. We surmised that perhaps it was due to the pregnancy; maybe he was seeking a little attention. This behavior has sporadically continued over the past few months, still with no answer from him as to why?!

I am still inclined to believe that this behavior was an attempt for attention, so I wonder if anything new has happened in your household and maybe your child feels in need for some attention. (I'm sure you give him/her plenty of attention as do my daughter and son-in-law, but maybe your child perceives things differently???)

Anyway, it was helpful to my daughter to hear of your post. It gave her some peace to know that her child is not the only one experiencing this. I have 3 children and remember that age 5 was a difinitive age for each of them. They did not do the peeing thing, but each had their own "thing" that "proved" their independence of me. Maybe that's it? "I'm a big kid now and don't need you to tell me where to pee"???

Good luck. From our experience I know this is a troubling bump in the road. Hopefully that's all it is and they'll bump on over soon!

Take care.

My daughter just started K-5 and we received a note home yesterday about several of the children using the restroom (not just peeing) on the floor in their class restroom. Some of them had smeared it on stuff. They found that it was more than one child. We received a note from the nurse about the fact it was a behavior issue that was brought on by the separation trama of starting school. I asked the teacher if my daughter was one of the children since I received a note, but she told me no. However, the nurse said that sometimes children do this at home as well as a control issue. I'm sorry I didn't help much but I did want to let you know that it does seem to be a common thing since several children are doing it from just her class alone. Best of Luck! This has to be extremely difficult........I thought changing bed linens after an accident was a PAIN! ;)
I'm so happy to hear that my child isn't that abnormal because she pees on the floor. My four year old is very intelligent, and she has been potty trained since she was 14 months old but I just found out that she has been using a spot in her room as a toilet. When I questioned her she said that she wanted a bathroom in her room and she thought the corner she was using was a good place to put a potty. We had a family meeting and at that time I found out that my six year old had also peed on the floor once. My four year old had done it many times though. I sent them to their rooms for the day and when I talked to my girls again my six year old said she was embarrassed and wouldn't do it again because it wasn't a bathroom. When I asked my four year old if she would pee on the floor again she said no because she didn't want to have to talk to me and her dad again about it. I thought we had it all settled but last night I went into my oldest daughters room and there was a glass on the floor with pee in it and my four year old readily admitted that she did it. I "grounded" her by making her stay with me or her dad for the whole day. I really dont' know what else to do at all. I am going to call her doctor in the morning but does anyone else have any suggestions?
About 3 months ago, my 6 yr old son started to pee on the floor at night. When I caught him in the act, he did not seem to be fully awake. He would deny it ever happend the next morning.

Is this something that he would out grow? Should I punish him for it ?

LOUISIR, is you child still peeing on the floor at the night ?

Please help! I am at wits end...


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