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This was happening to friends of ours 2 years ago where there 5 yr old was sitting on the floor and pissing and pooping himself on a regular basis,they had him checked and found out that he was just lazy and had to be made to go to the toilet hourly whether he wanted to go or not thus he would get bored of doing this and stop doing it in his pants for attension,but to no joy as this made him worse to the point he would sit on the toilet for 5 mins then get off and do it on the floor,not long after this our friend went into hospital and he came along with his sister to stay at our house for 5 days,from day 1 we told him no more :nono: but on the evening of the 1st day he stood in our front room and peed on the sofa,my wife told him off and sent him to bed and when we talked decided that he was probably seeking real attension to his needs which he wasnt getting at home,on day 2 my youngest boy [5] was in trouble and was taken into the room for a spank,he seemed to be looking at the attension my son was getting and seemed to be craving the attension that my son got ,after speaking to his mother who told us she didnt have time for giving any real time to her kids for the work she was doing at home,we then decided that we would on the next occasion of him weeing or pooing that we would sit him down and talk to him and if we felt it was needed we would give him a good spanking
the next day he got up in the morning to find he had pissed in the cupboard and **** on his bed,my wife sat him down and talked to him for about 30 minutes which seemed to bring out all his reasons for what he did and the lack of any punishment for what he was doing made him want to do it again my wife then decided that what was needed was a major spanking for him and then after taking down his pants and putting him over her knee she spanked him severely until he was screaming,he was spanked 2 more times up to going home and when he went home he never pissed or pooed himself again as he was told by us that if he did we would come to his house and do it again to him[he now had the attension he craved] :)

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