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There is the issue of age as well. I posted that I used the CIO method with my son and that it had worked. I should clarify that I did not do this until he was over a year old. In fact he slept with my husband and I quite often which made nursing so much easier. But once he was weaned and over a year old it was time for him to adjust to his own room, own bed. It was time for my husband and I to have the much needed intimacy that was hard to share with a baby in the bed.
Young babies need to be soothed, even rocked and rocked and rocked to sleep. I nursed till he fell asleep and CAREFULLY laid him down with fingers crossed. But once they reach a certain age (in our case, a year) they cry because they know that we will answer. As another poster stated, if they are fed, dry, cuddled and loved and not sick or in pain, then it is time for sleep at bedtime. We don't give children enough credit. They are very very smart and know how to get out of sleeping....cry and Mommy or Daddy will come running. If they don't, cry even louder....It took us two nights of crying it out until my son got the idea that he was not coming out of his crib. That's not to say that we neglected him...we waited till he was asleep and checked on him a few times before we went to bed ourselves. We always told him that we would be back to check on him. He never felt deserted. In fact we STILL check on him over and over again and he's a month away from being three.
Everybody has different methods that work. No one should be judged on their particular method. One method over another does not signify better parenting or if one loves their children more than the other.

Your baby needs arguement there but WE need sleep too. And if we're up all night with a child that won't settle down, we will become stressed and perhaps resentful....completely natural. To be an optimum parent we need to be rested....and in my own opinion,if that means 2 nights of CIO then that is the method I stick with.

I should add that CIO was a last resort for us. I agree with trying everything possible..white noise, music on tape etc. etc

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