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Ok last night was a nightmare and a half! Hailey went to bed early but woke up an hour later. I rocked her and got her to sleep but the instant I lay her in her starts all over again. The way my boyfriend and I have figured out to finally be able to leave the room (please dont laugh) is to let her know that we are in the room by pretending to go to sleep on the floor right next to her crib...this way she can peek out from under the bumper gaurd to check and see if we were still in the room. This works for us, but I wont is a pain in our dairiars! I do let her cry it out a lot of times but only for a little over an hour. I cant imagine being so inhumane to let a baby, any baby, cry it out for 8 hours at a time. That is just crazzzy! I admit to letting her cry it out. Otherwise I would be pulling my hair out myself. After a day of dealing with a crabby baby due to her refusing to take any naps it is VERY hard to stay in her room forever in order to get her to bed. So crying it out is an option that, if not going to extremes and becoming a neglectful parent, is ok in my book! You do what you have to do for the both of you! Baby and parents need to keep their sanity and I would rather hear her cry than be in fear that I would lose my mind! I do appreciate all the comments...I have tried a lot of different things, but I have yet to find that magic key to make her fall asleep at the drop of a hat. But all you can do is live and learn, right?

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