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I am a desperate mom. My baby girl has realised that she can stand up in her crib and since has been refusing sleep. I cannot get her to go to bed for nothing! The first time she did this I let her cry for over an hour and a half...going in several times to lay her back down. She did not like this at all! She screamed even louder upon my leaving the room. I feel guilty, but I am not sure what to do cuz I do not want her to think that she can keep up an unhealthy habit of getting out of her naps or bedtime. I feel guilty,as I know I am not alone, about leaving my baby to cry, cry, cry! The hard part is that it is very trying at night. I can get her to sleep by rocking her in the rocker, but the minute I move or try to move her to her crib...Watch out! This is only the second night that she has discovered her new tricks so I am unsure of what to do here...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated in order for papa and myself to keep our sanity!

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