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This is so interesting to me b/c I just posted about this issue on the pregnancy board (I have not had my child yet, it is due in June) and it got moved here. This is only my opinion and it may change once I have my child (I don't think so though) but I have VERY strong feelings about children sleeping in their own room or own "space" as soon as they are able, i.e. in a crib, out of the bassinet. I admit I was a little disturbed by the poster who said that their father slept in a separate room while the child slept with the mother?! I also tend to think that keeping your child with you at an older age has more to do with your own needs rather than the child's. This is just my opinion, but I for one am going to get my child in his own room as soon as I can. I think this will be best for me, my husband, and my child. Someone said that as soon as children are born thier instinct and role is to start separating from the parent. Obviously the parent must provide a loving, stable, attentive home and a safe place for the child to feel comfortable. But I do believe if we don't encourage independence from our children from the start, they will suffer for it later (and so will we). I am so interested in this topic.

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