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Whatever works best for each individual should be respected. When I had my baby, I had him sleep in his own crib in his own room from day one. He woke up every 1 1/2 hours and that went on for months. If my baby had slept with us in the same room it would have meant that both of us parents would have had sleepless nights. My son is 8 years old now and when my husband is away on a business trip etc., my son always asks me if he can sleep in my bed while daddy is gone.

We do not know why the original poster's father sleeps in a separate room. It may be totally unrelated to the boy sleeping in his mother's bed (parents being separated, just still live in the same house or father working different shift etc.). If the boy has some kind of anxiety issues and needs a sense of security by sleeping in his mother's bed and both adults can live with it, then why not. Whatever works best for them.
I think that there's a problem when your child is old enough to have their own bed,their own room and their own space but has to sleep with the parent.What about the parents space?I also think there's a problem as well when the spouse ends up sleeping on the couch because the child is in your bed.That's a serious problem and bad communication.I think that parents feel guilty.They feel guilty because if they're in their own bed/room they aren't safe or secure but if they sleep in parents bed the parents feel better about it.When they were babies,I had them sleep in the laundry basket on the floor,but I still couldn't sleep.Every sound woke me up and left me paranoid.So after 3 days they were in their crib in their room and I slept better.Even the baby monitor woke me up.I didn't like it.I couldn't and wouldn't allow my kids to sleep in our bed.It's mine and hubby's nest,not the kids.They have their own.

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