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I am 20 and live at home with my parents. I am a part-time nanny, a part-time childcare worker at a gym, and a college student. About once a month, my dad will go off on me about not doing enough. If I'm not at one of my jobs or at school, I'm either out getting things done or at home relaxing. Apparently, this is unacceptable to him. Randomly, he'll shout that I don't do any housework, that I'm a spoiled brat and will talk trash to my mom about me like I don't hear it. I certainly don't feel like I am some lazy and mooching person that he makes me out to be. He'll shout that I don't work enough (what??) and if I'm at home after a shift 'you did nothing today.' He also doesn't really even count that I go to school just because it's not 12 units at one time. Parents, what do you suggest? Should I do a lot of housework/pay some rent/pay for my car while working 2 jobs and going to school?
btw he has been arrested twice for drunk driving in the past 5 years, went to an expensive treatment for it, smokes some, sent to vietnam at my age etc. I have a feeling all this adds to his bad attitude of 'spoiled kids in today's world.'
My 22 year old sister also lives at home and he never says anything bad to her.

Oh yea, every time he acts like this, I bawl my eyes out in my room.

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