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My 17 soon to be 18 year old daughter is mentally unstable....ever since i can remember she has always been different but lately i find she is uncontrollable.

For a year now she has been dating a boy who is a complete jerk and not the brightest bulb, they have both been very verbally and physically abusive towards each other and fight constantly and i know it is partly due to her mental instability. So a few months back i took her to our Dr who referred her to a specialist to get therapy and possibly medication for depression, which they did but things have gotten worse. Her boyfriend doesn't live at home, so she stays with him 24/7 and i have done EVERYTHING possible to have her come back but she won't but that is just the tip of the iceberg!

For years she has always been belligerent towards others, selfish and it is always about her. I noticed others things too, and since mental disorders run in our family thought maybe she couldn't control it and wasn't just a "spoiled brat". So since she has been seeing the therapist i don't know what they have discussed as i am not legally able to find out but they did give her a sleeping pill/panic attack med (not sure what it is but it is mild)they also gave her a pill that is almost exactly like effexor but wasn't available in canada until now (if i heard the name i would know, it is square). It has been about 6 weeks now and she says she feels worse than ever, she also told the therapist this but they didn't do anything about it. She says her thoughts are more irrational than ever and her moods change from one minute to the next! She will get very angry and then wonder why after.

Something else has also happened that she NEVER would have done before she met this boy OR started taking these meds....we found out she was helping him sell drugs but were able to nip that one quick we also got her drug tested and they were all negative. However this week she got arrested 2x for the same crime! she worked 2 jobs....the first they caught her taking money and products from the store...we thought when the police brought her to us she would be scared from the experience but as soon as she came in and the police left she looked at me and said "i don't care what you f in say i am out of here! and you can't stop me" i wasn't yelling or anything i was asking her what all happened she again told me to f off and then told her boyfriend to leave work to come get her, when he said he couldn't leave work she got so nasty with him it was scary to listen too! it was almost evil! i told her to leave the house if she was going to treat me that a few days later she went to her 2nd job and stole again and got arrested again! when i asked her what she needed the money for she said for stuff and clothes and to buy things and said it was no big deal! She also told me later on that night that strange thoughts have been going through her mind lately, like when the lady cop was talking to her and being really nice to her she had a visual of jumping up, taking her gun and shooting her! then she said the thought left as soon as it came but it scared her because she has never had bizarre thoughts like that before and said she would never have actually done it but was scared she had even thought it! also she has told me and the therapist and Dr's she is NOT suicidal at all that that is something she would never consider doing....she truly wouldn't have done these things before she started these meds, or i am just being naive thinking medication can all of a sudden make one a thief??

I don't know if she is "depressed", a spoiled brat or has some other mental disorder. When she is home, she seems happy one minute then out of the blue she will say very nasty things to her siblings to hurt their feelings or be mean to the pets we have, she constantly has stomach pains, hardly has an appetite, has severe insomnia, can't sleep alone (even at home she begs me to sleep in bed with her) and even when she says she had enough of her boyfriend and is done for good he messages her and says sorry and she goes back. If i were in a street and so was he and someone said i have to shoot one of these people, she would pick me....i asked her that and she told me that, not angrily just matter of factly!

she is just mean, possessive, jealous, paranoid,nasty and will put her boyfriend or her selfish needs before her own health or others. She has NO other friends, she doesn't care about anything and i am starting to think she isn't just depressed that it is something else. I, myself, am on effexor as i suffer from OCD and is under control and i am able to function well. I am wondering if she needs to try another med or is this just a phase in her life? i worry about her all the time, she knows this but tells me to "chill", she makes it clear it is her life and to mind my own business. She can be VERY selfish and unstable one minute and loving the next. I am wondering if anyone has any words for me or suggestions of meds to try? She just isn't her normal self, more so than before :( i so badly want my daughter back it is tearing me apart inside!

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