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I hope im on the right board, my problem is my teenage Daughters behaviour....

She has just hit 13, and is totally intolerable. Her behaviour is disgusting, she answers back constantly, she shouts, calls me names, tells me she hates me, and i cannot get a decent word from her.

Yesterday she asked me for another puppy (we have one) I tried to explain logically why we (or I) couldnt manage one , and she went hysterical at me. She cried, screamed, yelled, and now if i say anything to her (24hrs later) she grunts when she answers. She refuses to talk to me, refuses to eat what i give her for dinner, saying its disgusting. She answers her Dad back too, but he is much stronger than me and takes away privelidges because she is so naughty.

She has just left her currrent school because she has been so unhappy the past 4 months, she had a few close friends who just "abandoned " her. I dont know why, i have spoken to the School and they say they dont know why either, and that my Daughter isnt totally blameless. So she is school less, and practically friendless. She thinks the world hates her. She has become spotty and greasy, (real teen stuff). She hasnt started her periods yet, but im thinking they could be imminent.

She doesnt want to be near me or her Father at the moment. I'm so upset, im thinking of taking her to the Doctor to see if she needs anger managemtn, or some sort of help. I just dont know. Can anyone help please?????:o:confused: I'm desperate for some advice. Thanks

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