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My daughter is rude, bossy, and hatefull to all of her friends I do not know why any of them want to play with her at all. This has really gotten out of hand over the past year or so & I am not sure how to stop this. It not only happens with the children, but she is strating to boss around adults as well. We live in small community and when we have our friends over, they allso have children my daughters age that have all know eachother most of there life. They also go to school together as well. The parents laugh it off and think it is "cute" and I want to knock her out when she does this. It is not cute or funny. I just do not know how to handle this attitude.
My husband and I were to be seen & not heard when we were children & we decided we were not going to raise our child that way. (I am re-thinking that descicion) We have allways wanted to be a family that does things together and has a good time together, but somewhere in the mix of it all, she has decided she is going to run the show and make the plans. NO NO NO this is not going to happen. I just do not know how to fix it before it gets worse than it already has. Here is a few items that she has in her room, that need to be removed. Yuo guys help me out on this one. She has your typical little ptincess room with all the dress-up stuff, tons of Barbies, with the mansion and the mercedes parked right next to it. She has all of the tv stations in her room (yep 420 of them) , a DVD player, a CD player, ipod, and tons of arts and crafts stuff. (YEP....I know, we bought it for her)HER ROOM IS A DISASTER! When she gets into trouble she is sent to her room with her door opend and has to sit on the floor and I look in there every few minutes to make sure she is not playing.
I started making her earn her privilages this morning and she took advantedg of that. I allowed her 20 minutes of one show and then she was to turn it off. I got out of the shower and she was still laying there 45 minutes later. What the crap do I do? I sent her back to her floor for an hour and when she came out she announced to me that it was not a big deal.I have taken her things away, grounded her from her 4-wheeler, the rest of us get in the pool and swim and she is not allowed to join the fun if she has an attitude (i give her a choice every morning).
Nothing is working my husband and I need help bad! I realize that her Dad and I have created this monster & now we do not know what to do to fix it. Please tell me it is not too late. She is our only child and I am afraid she is out of controll already.
Thank you for any advice you may have for me & don't beat around the bush, if I need talked to over what I have said or done, I want to hear it all. That is the only way we are going to get to the bottom of this attitude!!
PS...we do spank when we have to, we also do time outs, and grounding her from her favorite things. We also have friends come over with their kids and if mine is in trouble she has to sit out wad watch everyone play without her.
Are we being too tough or not tough enough? She also gets hugs throuout the day and we tell eachother we love several times a day. I also find myself crying and I feel guilty because she can't join in on the fun and it breaks my heart. I have stayed tough through this so far.....
Thanks in advance my HB friends!

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