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My husband and I have two kids a 7 and 9 year old. My husband also has a 14 year son from another marriage. I have known him since he was 2 years old. He knows how to use his mom to get his way. He knows he can't to that with his father. I don't get involved what goes on until he enters my house and when he bothers my kids. He teaches or influences them in the wrong way and I have to correct it. He told them they were losers because they homeschool. He has cursed in front of them too. My daughter played tennis with him and he pushed her down on the ground. He was living with us for a year because his grades dropped and he was suspended from school for fighting. There is nothing wrong in his life to be so bad. His mother lets him do what he wants and doesn't watch him. While he was living here he was on facebook and my husband told him to delete his file. He was posing as a 19 year old trying to pick up women. He pleaded with his mom to live with her because we had too many rules. So he is back with his mom. As soon as he got back with his mom he got back on facebook and posed as a 19 year old again. He promised his father that he would be good as soon as he started to live with his mom again. That didn't happen. He just loves all this attention from girls his age.

I feel bad for my husband because he just wants his son to stay out of trouble. The mother just always stands up for son no matter if he is bad or not. She thought it was ok for him to use profanity and scope out woman. He comes to visit every other weekend but I feel I don't want him to hang out with my kids because he is such a bad influence. Even my kids don't want to hang around him. So would it be wrong for me to leave for the weekend with my kids and visit other family while he stays at my house and just have father and son time? I am just sick of it I want to stay totally out of it and I feel for my husband but I don't want to get too involved. Every time my husband gives him direction or discipline he runs to his mom and tells her lies. Then the mother calls my husband and yells at him. It is like the son uses his mom to fight his battles. My husband pays child support and has every right to discipline because he doesn't want him to end up in jail or doing drugs - he cares. He totally showed disrespect to all of this in my house - he told me my house was boring, he missed his cousins at his mom's house but now that he is living with his mom he doesn't miss his own stepbrother or stepsister - he doesn't ask about them.

So is that bad if I leave - the only reason I am leaving for the weekend is because I have tried to help in so many ways and I only helped him. He just keeps stabbing me in the back so I am giving up and he doesn't care if I am around or not. Plus, he causes trouble in my house.

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