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our son(my step son) to 17 hits at 1 time of lsd almost 2 yrs ago. he ended up in the er and after they got his raging heart rate settled, put him in the psy ward. he was 18 at the time. after about 2 weeks he was released and moved in with us(5 hrs from his mom). unfortunately, he brought pot with him without us knowing(stupid us did not search his bags) and was using daily when we were sleeping(middle of the night). he seemed to be doing fine then started having phycosis again. we eventually went through his bags and found his stash and got rid of it but it was too late. at that point he was in serious rage and we were worried for the safety of him and our innocent 12 yr old daughter. we found a note saying "born to kill", burned papers in his room, and he took every appliance we were not using and plugged them in(to get us free electricty with the flux capacator???) we finally got him to stay with his grandfather for awhile and he had no access to pot and seemed normal again. then he went back to his mom and was doing great for about 1and 1/2 years. he even moved in with friends and had a great job making good $$. well, for the last month, it's gotten totally out of control. he has lost his job, all his friends and is talking all crazy. he was physiclly removed from his place and is back with his mom. we r at our wits end. there seems to be nothing we can do cause of his age(20 now). he refuses any help but is taking ecstacy, oxycotin, cocaine, pot and pretty much whatever he can get his hands on. he told his dad that he will never get a job again and is gonna just use people to live off of including his mother, family and whatever friends he still has. sorry for making this so long but we are totally uneducated in this sort of stuff and can't agree on what to do if we can do anything at all. any advice would be greatly apprecieated(i cant spell, sorry). thank you for reading...have a great day:confused:

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