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Start weaning your son from you right now. By that, I mean, if he is used to a lot of mommy time, start tapering it off so that he learns to play independently and isn't constantly waiting for you to play with him. I have 4 girls (ages 6, 4, 2, and 7 weeks). #1 and #2 are exactly two years apart, #2 and #3 are 2 1/2 years apart, and #3 and #4 are exactly two years apart. I NEVER would have survived if I hadn't taught each of them early on how to play independently!!! I put a baby gate up in my 2 year olds doorway and she will play in her room by herself for a couple of hours if I let her. My other two older girls were the same way (still are, but I don't have to use a baby gate for them!).

Also, right now, start teaching your son the difference between babies and big boys.... but teach him in a way that will make him want to be BIG. A few key points:

1. Babies sleep, scream, and poop all day.... Big boys get to play!
2. Babies have to just drink milk all day.... Big boys get to eat pizza (or whatever his favorite meal is)!
3. Babies don't get to go on special outings with Dad (or gramma or whoever will be there helping when the baby first comes).... Big boys do!

I sent my girls out with their Dad for special outings - usually the grocery store - and he would ALWAYS come home with some kind of "surprise" for me that they would pick out - it was always something I needed, like face wash, or lotion, or toilet paper.... - but he made it seem like they were getting me an awesome present and they were always so excited to give it to me!!!

4. Babies don't get to sleep in big boy rooms.... Big boys do!

I think you get the idea.... make him WANT to be big!

Also, like someone else said, make him a helper.... a BIG BOY helper! Kids love to be important and needed. Let him know that you just couldn't make it without his help. Start now and let him help you with easy chores, like putting napkins on the table, pulling laundry out of the dryer (or helping you put it in), making his bed, making your bad, dusting, putting dishes away.... easy things that he can do where you can praise him and let him know how big he is and what a great helper he is. He'll love it, he'll be willing to help with the baby, and you will be amazed at how much he really does help you!

I have never had a problem with jealousy in my children. They have loved each other from day one. I believe it's because I kept them involved throughout the entire process.... plus, I made sure that if they needed Mommy time, I put the baby down and gave them Mommy time.

ANYWAY.... that's my advice for BettyBee....

SadComputerGuy, I had to crack up at your last post! My 2 year old does very similar things to my baby! She brings the baby her my little ponies, or her favorite little people toys and wants the baby to play with her. We haven't had any throwing yet, but the 2 year old is so excited to see her baby sister, that 99% of the time she trips over herself and lands on the baby! We've since learned to duck and cover whenever the 2 year old is around!!! :D

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