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My parents are very active in their 70's - my dad still works and my mom is retired and I have two older brother need it. My youngest brother who ever since he married his wife became a different person. He has been married for almost 17 years now and has two children. He barely comes over to visit my mom but two times a year and lives only 30 minutes away. His children don't even acknowledge my dad and they don't know who I am - I am their aunt. They didn't show up for their 50th wedding anniversary because it was an adult party only. They are late for every event. My oldest brother was married recently and my youngest brother was late and he was the best man. My youngest brother's wife hates me and I don't even know why - she won't talk to anyone in my family - we never did anything to this woman at all for the last 17 years. When they do visit my parent, my brother stays downstairs and talks to everyone and the wife runs upstairs with her children or goes outside and does not socialize at all. When my mother tries to have a conversation with her daughter in law she can only say a few words because you never know when she will snap. Like my mom asked how her parents were doing and she snapped and said "I don't want to talk about it" - so know one talks to her. We all just ignore her because she doesn't want to talk. She told me I was mean because I am homeschooling my kids and I am keeping them back from a real education and socializing with other kids. She is just so nasty and doesn't see it and demands respect from other people and people are stupid enough to give it to her.

I haven't seen them in two years and I live 40 minutes away. My brother never calls me. If you call them, you will get an answering machine and you may get a call back. I stopped calling them 10 years ago. They are just rude people.

My husband does more for my parents than both my brothers combined. My parents often complain how badly they are treated by them and they dread the visits but they still give them the utmost respect. I can go on forever with the things they have done and made my mom go to tears. Recently, my mother has been giving them money for their birthday and they do not bother to call to say "Thank You" - they came to visit my mom and my mom paid for dinner at a restaurant - now wouldn't you stop your mom from paying if she was retired? Not my brother - so cheap! My brother's wife hoards everything - her house is like those homes you see on the The Learning channel "confessions of a hoarder" no lie. They have two incomes and she saves every penny for her kids college.

About two years ago my dad had a heart attack. They came to visit him in the hospital but went to an amusement park afterwards. My oldest brother and I were standing close to my mom while they went to their amusement park. I couldn't think of an amusement park while my dad sits in a hospital. Was my parents there for me when I was kid in the hospital of course and I would be their for them.

My sister in law has two kids - a 8 year old and a 14 year old - her 14 year old just had a birthday. She got upset with her parents because she didn't get a computer. So she got so upset that she threw fits and my brother called my dad and told them so my parents ended up sending the 14 year old $200.00 - they didn't tell me about it and in fact my mom basically lied to me and told me she didn't give her much as far as money. She knows if she told me she gave them $200.00 I would throw a fit. I don't care about how much is given - it is just the fact that people give no respect and they are treated poorly.

About a year ago my brother told my mom that he was treated poorly growing up because he felt my dad was too strict and that is why he doesn't have to do with my dad and that he won't bring his kids around him either. He has enough guts to call my dad and give him a sob story and get money out of him - isn't that sad. My dad basically saved my brother from going to jail when he was young because he was involved in drugs. My kids are always around my dad - my dad would give the shirt off his back.

I am just upset right now and very shocked that my mom would lie big time and treat these people like royalty after what they keep continuing to do what they do and that is being rude and disrepectful to them. My parents keep accepting them no matter what name they call them and my mom acts like a different person around this lady like she is god. No one stands up to this lady and say your rude - I did once but she treats me like I am non existing. My other sister in law does the same thing. My mom and dad complains to me how bad these people are but hands over money to them. My other sister in law sends their kids money too and gets no thank you's. I am the only smart one who gives them nothing. These are the kind of people who would show up at your doorstep when you die and ask where is my share.

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