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What can i do?

I just dont know where to go from here. My teenage Daughter is slowly killing me.

She is already on a ban from riding her horse, which is tough for me as i have to now do all the work (except ride him) Hubby has imposed this ban. He hates horses so wont help me.

She has been responding well to the ban by behaving a lot better. then tonight happened.....

I took her to a function with our horsey friends and when we were about to leave the others decided they were going on to drink elsewhere. They wanted me to come and i didnt want to go. My daughters friend was going home to relieve the babysitter and wanted my Daughter to go with her. This is now 10.45pm. She had her evening clothes on and no over night bag, and no clothes for caring for her horse tomorrow.

I said no and we were going , sh ethrew a hissy fit, crying , begging me, and saying she wasnt leaving. Everyone else was saying "let her stay" but i stood firm, and obviously looked the c*** parent, but i walked out and she followed me to the car. Then she shocked me.... All the way home she was saying to me in a low venemous hissy voice that she hated me, she kept repeating "i hate you", she even said she hoped id get run over by a bus. I carried on ignoring her. I didnt respond at all.

We got home i she ran to her room, i told her Father what had happened, i was very shocked and he just went to her room, took her telephone off her, her tele remotes, her music , everything , and has now further banned her from even seeing her horse or her friends.

Im still in shock, but now im worrying she may do something to herself. She is so angry.

Is she mentally ill? or is she just spoilt? ( we have always spoilt her). Should i take her to see a psycologist? i just dont know what to do, but im scared she might hurt herself or worse, i wont sleep tonight now. I just dont know where to go anymore, its making me ill.

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