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Thank you so much and YES it did help very much. Great insight you have. I am starting to say NO more. I got married at 18 against my parent's wishes and they never let me come back home. Even when I asked to come home with a small baby in my arms. My dad said go back to your husband you are married. Well I did not go back and I went to a girlfriend's. I worked my way through RN School and it was really hard. But I did it and no one helped me. Then I got married again , had twins and then my husband died. I raised 3 kids alone and am fortunate to have had good jobs all along. I did not want my kids to go through what I did trying to struggle through school while working full time with a family.

But.......I am seeing when I was paying for my school you can believe I showed up for class, you can believe I passed my tests. When my utilities were due I paid them before I bought the new purse because NO ONE was there to pay my reconnect fees.

I have 3 great is grown, through school, married and just had her first child. I do not worry about her. All a parent wants is to know is that their children are happy and can take care of themselves. As I head towards 60 I see my earning capacity is going downward....I need a new roof, new furniture, so many things I do not have so my kids CAN HAVE. I know this is my fault.

I cannot thank you enough for your response. I do think it cost more to live. I am from Los Angeles and we never had to pay for TV, we just had it because we lived so close to Hollywood. Now you need Satelite, a cell phone, home internet, car insurance and so on. I do think it is harder. We got by on less. I have also co signed all my kids college loans because they required a co signer. My parents would have NEVER done that ever.
Now maybe I understand why.

I will heed your advice. I need to allow them to gain their self respect back and mine. Hugs to you and your Mom must be proud. Oleander

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