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Honestly, I cannot believe that I have thought I can see why people disapear and end up on unsolved mysteries. Then years later are found living a completely different life. Maybe they felt unappreciated. Peace Corps sounds great too.......LOL

They require so much to live now, Iphone, cable tv and internet, car insurance, medical insurance, and I could go on and on. I am so worried about when mine get out of college and they cannot pay on all those school loans I co signed for what will happen to me and my credit? Makes me sick to think of it. No way could they have gone to school without those loans and we could not find any that did not need a cosigner. Really my stomach turns when I think about it.

I have to share that I have been saying NO more lately and if I get yelled at or cussed at I just hang up and shut my phone off. I have been demanding an apology and will not resume any conversation until then. I explain that I would not let a stranger treat me like that let alone my daughter. It breaks my heart and I cry because I cannot believe my own child treats me like this. Then I worry there is something mental wrong with her like BiPolar. I wonder how she will get laong in life after I am gone. I know they will get a huge suprise. But I would say things are better since I have been less tolerant.

I see I am definately not alone. I felt so sad my brother who is such a nice guy and a great father said "having kids is over rated"...his kids treat him like you know what. I was shocked when he told me that and then he shared with me all he had been through. He lives in another State from me so I had no idea. His children are late 20's and really have put him through alot. I had no idea.

Thanks everyone. Oleander

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