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An unloved child
Apr 25, 2011
I have a 24 year-old son that my husband does not like. We have 4 children in all and as everyone knows being a parent is not an easy task. It seems that whenever there is a problem my husband's reaction is to throw them out. His other reaction is to take it out on me by always placing the blame on me and giving me the silent treatment.

Our latest problem happened just over this past weekend. My son took my car out on Saturday night because he cannot afford to put his vehicle on the road. The vehicle is only 6 months old. On his way home ( going 30 mph) the car slid on wet leaves and he lost control of the car. He hit 3 trees but thank God he is ok...just shaken up. My husband's response was to either leave him in the hospital or let him walk home....15 miles. He also said that it would have been better if our son was killed because he causes us so much trouble. How could any father say that? He also said that he is giving him 2 days to join the service or move out and if he doesn't my husband is leaving us. I am not saying that my son is perfect. As a matter of fact he has caused us some problems. In January he tried to commit suicide. We had him placed in a facility for 5 days for evaluation. When that happened my husband did have a different attitude. When our son came home it was with open arms. Our son is now on meds....seems to be doing better. He also attends counseling. Because of our wonderful economy he has lost his job and without a car it is difficult to go out job hunting. He does work for friends on occasion to make a bit of spending money.
I guess my point is when things are good with the kids my husband is good too. As soon as there is a problem it is my fault and he thinks the kids are crap. Any suggestions?

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