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[QUOTE=SusyLoren;4787101]I don't want her to have them but she is almost 18 years old.. engaged and I just had no reason not to let her wear them, Up until now she was buying them and I was throwing them away because I didn't think they were appropriate.. but know what can I say she has graduated she is responsible she buys them with her own money... I don't know what I can say I've told her that if I see them in the laundry I will throw them out.. but its doesn't seem to do anything.. She told me to get over it that she was growing up and it wasn't such a big deal when we were at the store and she told me she wanted to buy them.. Know she is getting her fiance to be there with her when she buys them.. she says he doesn't look because its weird but I don't know could they be for him??. I mean I like him very much and they are wonderful together he is a real nice man gentle sweet respectful, thoughtful I'm happy for her I just don't like this thong thing..[/QUOTE]

It's really her business what sort of underwear she wears, isn't it? :confused:
Most young girls wear thongs these days.
What's the difference, really? Normal underwear cover up your butt-cheeks, thongs don't.
So what? Even if her butt-cheeks are uncovered, all the pertinent parts of her anatomy are covered, so what does it matter?
You are, however, correct in that you still legally have a say over what type of underwear your daughter wears until she turns 18 years, old, and after that you no longer will.

Best of luck.

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