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I can definitely relate to this problem. My now 6 year old daughter used to do the same thing when her brother was born 2 years ago. She loved getting in the crib and "playing" with the baby. They weren't sleeping in the same room so it wasn't that big of a deal, we could basically just separate the two of them. In your case maybe you need to do just that, move the baby crib into your room for a couple of months.

More than likely your daughter is doing this because she is jealous of the attention the baby is getting. Also girls seem to really have a maternal instinct, even at a very young age, and love to take care of things. Maybe during the day you could give her some basic jobs to help out with the baby, nothing that could hurt the baby of course, but get her involved more and also to give her attention. Also make sure you set aside time each time for just her, it could be as simple as putting a sticker on her nose or reading her a book.

Does she have her own dolls and a doll crib? Maybe try to redirect her maternal instinct and desire to help to the dolls. Have her put the dolls to bed and she can even keep the crib in her bed, as long as she doesnt get in the real crib.

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