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Have you tried actually disciplining your daughter? A firm NO is okay for minor things, but in a situation where she is placing herself and your baby in danger, more than just NO is needed.

I'm not a big believer in spanking, but I do think spanking has it's place. When a child is putting themselves or others in danger, a spanking is appropriate. Situations like yours, where your baby is in danger, meet that criteria.

If you are absolutely opposed to the idea of spanking, at least put her in time out each time she does it.

Along with the spanking or the time out, a good firm lecture of WHY we don't get into the baby's bed is in order. Tell her how dangerous it is for her baby brother. Tell her how much baby needs his sleep and how she is keeping him from getting any sleep. Tell her how babies without sleep are cranky and hard to deal with and take all of mommy's time, thus taking mommy's time away from her. Tell her how cranky babies lead to cranky mommies and cranky mommies are no fun, thus affecting her day. At almost 4, she is plenty old enough to understand.

Whatever you do, be consistent with it.

Last summer, when my 3 girls temporarily shared a room, I actually started locking my 2 year old in our closet on a cot (walmart sells these fabulous folding cots that are so nice) at nap and bed time. It's ventilated, and has an outlet for a nightlight, so it's not like I was being cruel to her or anything.... it's just that she wouldn't stay in her bed when her sisters were in the same room. She hated the closet, though, and after two or three naps in there, she straightened up and stayed in her own bed. We occasionally have to revisit the closet for a nap now and then, but just the threat of knowing what will come is enough to keep her in her bed now.

Hope this helps! :)

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