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About 6-9 months ago we started having trouble with my 5 year old (then 4 years). While he could be stubborn at home, he would get easily frustrated and sometimes hit teachers or throw items. I took Family leave from work since I was being called to school almost every day and after a number of DR (pediatricians, Gi specialist, Counselors, and finally a Ear-Nose Throat), we discovered my son has a hearing problem due to fluid build up in his ears. Tubes put in and new counselor and within a couple weeks we are doing great After 8 weeks home, I start to slowly leaving him longer and longer in his daycare in anticiaption of going back to work. I thought we were good until 2-3 weeks ago.

I am still leaving early (much to the frustration of my boss) to get my son a couple times a week. My 5 year is starting to act out in school and having poop accidents on a daily basis again. His excuse (takes too long...Cannot feel it coming but Dr confirmed no physical problem) I had stopped going to the counselor since we were convinced his frustartion stemmed from the hearing loss.

The preschool does not know how to handle him and we are 8 weeks from starting Kindergarten. I am in panic. Apparently, this slip has been happening for a while and they did not tell me. This will be addressed in meeting with school later this week. He is easily frustrated but not violent or destructive at home. We are firm on the rules. They say he does not repsect them and I think they are right. Do I wait it out the couple of weeks? What type of discipline is school allowed? They tell me they cannot yell or touch him.

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