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[QUOTE=Ssayres;5126006]I've never posted on a message board. I am in need of some advice. Telling people close to you sometimes doesn't work. My son is not a bad kid. He is very intelligent. He is an only child. Lately I have been overwhelmed with emotions. He has been so hateful to me and disrespectful. I told my husband the other day giving into him all the time when he was little...if I could go back ad do it over again I would have definitely placed boundaries and made sure there were lines that when crossed suffered a consequence. I feel he has no fear of my husband or I. He sees himself as an equal. He will stand up to my husband and myself and not back down.
Today I got a call from the principal saying he activated an emergency sprinkler system in science. He then proceeded to lie about it and say he was shoved into it. They have him two days of in school suspension. One for the activation of the system and the other for lying. I almost feel I'm more upset and disappointed with him for lying. He says he shouldn't be punished at school and at home. I disagree. I'm just not sure at this point how to punish. I called my husband and told him so he could have some time to think about the situation and not be bombarded when he came home and let his emotions get in the way. Since this is the first time he has done anything like this at school I feel it is justifiable to punish him here too.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated from other parents with teen boys, sometimes I just feel like its all going wrong. Things have changed so much with him in the past few years. He's changed so much.
I feel sometimes I don't know who he is anymore.
Thanks for reading.[/QUOTE]

Hi if it is any consolation I am going through some very hard times with our teenage Daughter as well,I too dont know her much anymore

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