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HELP!!! Please
My daughter is 5yrs old for the first 3 yrs of her life her father didn't really want much to do with her. Then he got married and started putting on "I'm this great father act". Once married they immediately took me to court for custody of my daughter, he was awarded joint custody with me being the primary custodian and was given visitation. Before our first trial was over, I allowed my daughter to go with him and his wife for Thanksgiving, during this time she felt it necessary to call CPS on myself, my son's father, and both of my parents stating that she was being abused by all 4 of us (mind you my parents and I been 100% there for her my entire life and my son's father had been "daddy" to her for 1 1/2 yrs already)... CPS did their investigation and found that she was in no way being abused. She began regularly visiting them for 1 week every 3 weeks...

1 yr goes by and my daughter's father and his wife take us to court again to remove my sons' father out of her life completely (she absolutely loves him and her father has been very upset that she has been calling him "daddy" but they insist that she call her step-mom "mom" ....... ALSO he has a bad past against him but has never done anything to me OR my children).... We just recently got out of court for that I was awarded primary custody of her once again AS LONG as she had absolutely NO contact with my boy's father.

Of course I'm going to choose my daughter.

Now, we've been out of court for 2 months and NOW her step-mother (who is also a school age counselor and very controlling) is getting on the phone while I'm having my Skype time with my daughter while she is out there, telling me I need to tell her how I'm going to support my daughter and I NEED to take my daughter to counseling because she's "worried about me and her brother's being hurt by their father" and my daughter is supposedly saying "when I grow up I'm going to marry a man who spends me around like a tornado and throws me on the ground". She's getting on the phone telling me I'm an unfit mother and I should have had her best interest in mind.... and then getting upset at me for supposedly telling my daughter that her father wanted to kill her when I was pregnant with her (Which if anyone at all knew me I would absolutely NEVER do, as I was the one from birth (although he wanted an abortion) I was still trying to involve her father in her life constantly when she was never part of his life)..... Not stopping just continuously harassing me about my daughter and what kind of a mother I am, until I hung up that was.... UGH!!!!

For the 3 years this woman has been trying to put ideas into my daughter's head, making her agree to things about my sons' dad that never happened, then saying "well she told me this" to try to make herself sound credible.... My daughter fights and screams and cries every time I have to take her to the airport to go to her father's and then when I Skype with her while she's there she's crying half the time and wants to come home... But she will never tell me what's going on there... It seems as though they've been able to "brainwash" her in some way to not talk to me about anything and yet they get her to tell them everything AND make-up stories and put ideas in her head about her life here with us.

What do I do?????? Please Help!!! I fear for my daughter every time she's there and I have no idea how to stop all of this BS from this woman (who is supposed to be a supportive school aged counselor and step-mom not an instigator and trying to tear families and people apart)

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