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Concerned Parent
Dec 12, 2013
I'm concerned about my son and would really appreciate any feedback. He is 2.5 old with no siblings, and I am a stay-at-home mom. He has difficulty with unfamiliar people and environments. While he's very playful and interactive at home, he seems to get uncomfortable and nervous/fearful around strangers. For example, we went to a holiday gathering recently, and when strangers approached him to say hello, he immediately turned his body away as if he were trying to escape because he was scared. One person tried to get close, perhaps to reach out to hold him, and he started crying hysterically. I moved him out of the room into a hallway, and he continued crying hysterically for 5 more minutes. He refused to go back into the room again, and even screamed when other people/children just passed closely by in the hallway. He also screamed when people were just looking at him.

Another example: He goes to a couple of classes and there too his behavior is different based on the circumstances. In one music class where the children sit in a circle, facing each other, he's very reluctant to enter the classroom, even after going to class for over a year. In another class where the toddlers basically play alone with their mothers, he enjoys going.

He seems to do better when he has a chance to settle down and familiarize himself with new surroundings before any interaction begins. At a recent church event, we came in late after the service started, and then had lunch an hour later after the service. He seemed quite at ease when people approached him at lunch. He's also affectionate with other children whom he is familiar with.

Thank you for any help with this. If anyone has similar experience, please share.

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