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My name is Molly and I'm new here.
I'm going to be honest - one of the big reasons I looked into this forum is because I am gravely concerned about my almost six year old nephew, who I'll call Lucien.

Lucien is a vibrant, healthy, happy child.

I didn't have a great childhood, so I always try to make sure that Lucien is safe, healthy and happy, as well as making sure he receives lots of positive attention, hugs, kisses and 'I love yous'.
I couldn't care about Lucien or my other nephew, Ivan, more if I had given birth to them myself.

The other day, Lucien, as well as my older nephew, Ivan who is almost 8, were playing in the living room, while I sat in the dining room looking through coupon books.
Lucien approached me with an antique emerald ring that my grandmother, who is of failing health, had given to me last year.
He wanted to take the ring home, but I said no, because it is so old and one of the few things I have of my grandmother's.
Usually, Lucien is pretty okay with not getting something, and will be content to play with it while he's at my house, but that day, he sat the ring on the table beside of me and walked into my hallway.

I had purchased a large poster of Marilyn Monroe for my sister for Christmas.
Lucien began punching it as hard as he could.

I told him to stop, and he didn't so I clapped my hands once to get his attention.
Once he stopped, I sent him to the living room for a time out while I collected myself. I was pretty angry, and I didn't want to say or do something that might upset him.
After a few minutes I went in and started trying to talk to him about his behavior.
To each question, he shrugged, and finally went to hide behind the chair.

I asked him to come out and, since I've heard that art is a great way for kids to get out their feelings, I asked him to draw me a picture of how he felt when he was punching the poster.

After he drew a picture of a small woman in a box, and a big person with a frowning face, I asked him to explain the picture.

He said that the frowning person was him, and when I asked who the woman was, he ran in and grabbed the poster, indicating that it was Marilyn Monroe.
I asked him why he punched her.

He responded, "Because girls don't matter."

I was in shock. No one in our family has ever indicated that women are lesser than men. He is actually raised almost completely by women.

I asked him who told him that girls don't matter and he said, "Ghost Chicken told me that girls don't matter, and that girls are naughty." he then shook his head and said, "But girls aren't naughty."

I had him draw me a picture of Ghost Chicken (who I was still assuming was an imaginary friend) and he drew a man with what he said was six heads and seven legs.
Only one head speaks and he has three eyes and a mouth above his eyes.

He then told me that Ghost Chicken was 91 years old. I asked him to tell me more and he said, 'He died.' I asked him when Ghost Chicken died and he told me that he died on 27, September of 61. I said 1961? and Lucien said, yes.

Getting a bit creeped out, I urged him to tell me more. He said Ghost Chicken has blood on him and is mad because the girl with the black face shot him with the gun and drew a gun similar to a 9mm. Then he said Ghost Coat shot him with another gun, and drew a picture of what appears to be some sort of machine gun.
He drew a picture of a black circle on top of a body wearing a dress with what he said was flowers on it. He also said that the girl's arms and legs weren't black. He said her eyes are black and white.
To top it all off, he said that he [Lucien] has to get Ghost Coat back, and kill him because he hurt Ghost Chicken.
He said that Ghost Chicken whispers, and he can hear him with his ears.

He told me that Ghost Chicken didn't like me because GC said that I would punch him in the face.

Finally, after assuring both Lucien and GC that I wouldn't punch GC in the face, Lucien said that GC loved me now.

Should I be concerned? At the end of our visit when I was putting him in the car, he said that Ghost Chicken stayed out my house.

I don't want to think that something psychological or emotional is going on with him, but mental illness does run in our family.

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