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... Sadly yesterday we had to spank all 3 of our kids due to theft from my wifes purse which was found in the twins bedroom,the twins blamed each other and the youngest,the youngest said it wasnt him and blamed the twins saying it was in there bedroom we decided to ground them all for 1 week but told them if the one who took it owned up we would listen to the reason why before... (119 replies)
... but can still get a message across. ... (119 replies)
... You can teach a child to be well behaved and instill morals and dicipline without resorting to spanking..i mean if a child was doing something that was going to harm them in a serious manner..then a slap onthe hand and a firm No should surfice.... ... (119 replies)

... The old subject creeps up again and i would like to give my views ....YES...we do spank on the bare our 3 kids ages boy5,girl7,boy7 twins we have found that talking serves no purpose as our kids dont take any notice,and we normally have to resort to hand spanking which is done in private so our kids are spanked not in view of each other,this is something we decided on the 1st... (119 replies)
... ving to spank too often nowadays, if she is being rude or not listening to me, then if I feel the situaton is serious enough i will ask her if she is looking for a spanking? ... (119 replies)
... ving to spank too often nowadays, if she is being rude or not listening to me, then if I feel the situaton is serious enough i will ask her if she is looking for a spanking? ... (119 replies)
... ining "private parts" in accordance with their you know whats and how if we touch those privates...we don't do in PRIVATE. Getting naked from the waist down for a spanking seems a little too...too...much. ... (119 replies)
... I guess i'm not so much discussing if spanking as punishment is an apporopriate one, infact neither am i putting a case for or against anything here. ... (119 replies)
... w now are wrong. I wont go in to the details. Something that always made sense to me is something my mother always told me. "Foul language and physical abuse is a feeble mind searching to express its self". Spanking is a quick fix for parents IMO. ... (119 replies)
... I have a 2 year old almost 3 and I spank her mostly on the bum if she would not ABSOLUTELY listen to me what so ever. I spanked her bare bottom 2 or 3 times. So yeah, it all depends on the child and the parent's view on the morality of it. ... (119 replies)
... I do not and will not spank on the bare bottom. ... (119 replies)
... This is a touchy subject but like all things wrong they take time be recognized as such. Parents want to justify what there parents did. ... (119 replies)
... i would hope the answer to that would be no. so how can we say its ok to do that to a child? ... (119 replies)
... It really sounds like you have tried everything. My daughter is 2 also, and engages in most of the activities that you mentioned, and spanking has helped a lot. My pediatrician recommended that I spank in a very structured manner, not just in the heat of the moment. ... (19 replies)
... ar old child is very intelligent, if a child is taught "no" from an early age they know not to do certain things or touch certain things, Most two year olds have a very large vocabulary as well as many have been taught and know how to use the potty!!!!! ... (119 replies)
... To answer your question, MI, I don't take his diaper off and spank his bare butt. However, I do administer the smack just below the diaper. On the fleshy part of the upper thigh right where the bottom meets it. ... (119 replies)
... and if I could turn back time I WOULDNT HAVE ! As for a 2 year old, there is no way they would understand why they are getting punished. ... (119 replies)
... a disciplinary swat on the bottom, and 'hitting' a violent motion carried out on any other part of the body. ... (119 replies)
... Actually, offkilter, you misquoted me. What I actually said was "I don't WANT to get angry while spanking him...." therefore, I don't allow myself. If the one lick works, I use it. No more after that FOR THAT VERY REASON. ... (119 replies)
... Just like you i also use the reward system cuz it wouldn't be right to only disapline if they did something wrong and never notice any good they do. my reward system however is stickers. you see my childern are only 2 1 /2 and almost 1 years old. As they get older i will reward them with other things. what does everyone else reward system consist of? (119 replies)

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