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... I came on here because I am going to be a mommy soon, and was looking for some info when I came across this. ... (119 replies)
... i feel like i need to put my two cents in here. I do not agree with spanking. I feel that it is the same thing as hitting a child. What is the difference if you hit them on the bum or the face or the arm? ... (119 replies)
... ving to spank too often nowadays, if she is being rude or not listening to me, then if I feel the situaton is serious enough i will ask her if she is looking for a spanking? ... (119 replies)

... ving to spank too often nowadays, if she is being rude or not listening to me, then if I feel the situaton is serious enough i will ask her if she is looking for a spanking? ... (119 replies)
... ar old child is very intelligent, if a child is taught "no" from an early age they know not to do certain things or touch certain things, Most two year olds have a very large vocabulary as well as many have been taught and know how to use the potty!!!!! ... (119 replies)
... ust want to point out that the quote "Spare the rod, spoil the child" has been taking verym uch out of context. The rod they are referring to is disipline. Not a stick or a hand. It should be quoted "Spare the disipline, spoil the child". I think we can all agree to that. ... (119 replies)
... ts wonderful.I have good kids also,although I will spank their bottoms if I feel its warrented which is also rarely.I do no believe it is has effected my kids in a negative way whatsoever.Spanking is far from the only discipline my hubby and I use. ... (119 replies)
... To me it raises a red flag that a parent would say hitting is the only way to make my child behave. ... (119 replies)
... g. It's not necessary if you have good parenting skills. I hear the same arguments all the time !. I got spanked and I'm fine, Not if you hit your own kids. 2. spanking works! if so why does it not work the first time,or second,or third? ... (119 replies)
... Siren you might want to look into age appropriate behavior for a 2 year old. ALL 2 year olds laugh at you when you get angry with them. You cannot take it personally. ... (119 replies)
... ining "private parts" in accordance with their you know whats and how if we touch those privates...we don't do in PRIVATE. Getting naked from the waist down for a spanking seems a little too...too...much. ... (119 replies)
... I agree with you haleysmum about spanking being an out for parents. I know you feel bad about spanking your son, but at least you realized it wasn't right. I commend you for that. ... (119 replies)
... hold their hands for a minute. I have seen these ways work on a younger child 1 yr. She occasionally acts up again and is on a time out, she hates being on a time out more than anything ever. when the baby is older I will resort to spanking if necessary. I will not spare the rod and spoil the child. ... (119 replies)
... I guess i'm not so much discussing if spanking as punishment is an apporopriate one, infact neither am i putting a case for or against anything here. ... (119 replies)
... I agree with spanking. I have a 3 and 4 year old and they get spankings. I hate to do it but I have tried every other thing in the book to keep them under control. ... (119 replies)
... I have a 2 year old almost 3 and I spank her mostly on the bum if she would not ABSOLUTELY listen to me what so ever. I spanked her bare bottom 2 or 3 times. So yeah, it all depends on the child and the parent's view on the morality of it. ... (119 replies)
... ldren learn in different ways. As long as other techniques have been tried, I think what works should be used.Kids need discipline. If they are not learning from a soft stern voice...the discipline must change. One child might listen better with the soft stern voice. Other children are not so easy and don't listen. ... (119 replies)
... read it again, and they never had any proof to back it up. It was all obviously opinion, OR they often use horribly flawed studies that lump abusive hitting and a spanking from loving parents all in one category. This serves to make parents feel guilty and doubt every disciplinary choice they make for their child. ... (119 replies)
... and if I could turn back time I WOULDNT HAVE ! As for a 2 year old, there is no way they would understand why they are getting punished. ... (119 replies)
... I understood the difference when I was a child. My son is smart enough to understand too. ... (119 replies)

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