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... I read posts here tonight, and I just want to say to you,......stop this undeserved abusive behavior your daughter has inflicted on you. She is a very grown woman not some new to the world 20 year old fresh into adulthood. She has no right to blame you for her failings with herself. ... (24 replies)
... We had a little bit of a crisis sneaking up on us on the homefront. Having 2 teenage girls has been quite a challenge lately and although this may belong on the parenting post I fell we may have better luck here with people we have grown to trust. ... (81 replies)
Teens Drinking
May 30, 2005
... Okay....we were heading out East for long Memorial Weekend family getaway and agreed that K. would be left behind to spend the night at a friend's house so that she could attend one of her best friend's surprise birthday parties. ... (217 replies)

Just Venting!
Oct 20, 2004
... hour from us that we see once or twice a year if we are lucky. ... (7 replies)
... I'm sorry, I'm getting confused right along with you. This is going to snowball if the adults go from child to child and may cause more harm than good. ... (17 replies)
... le keep asking you if you're babysitting. Once before I had my youngest, I was in the store and this woman behind me said that I was lucky to be babysitting such a cute black baby. I looked at her and said, I'm sure her babysitter feels the same way...considering I'm her mother. ... (17 replies)
... Well, you may not like my advice but it's the same that I gave my Mom when my Sister was doing the same thing to her with her fiance's family. Ironically it sounds an awful lot like your situation. Mom loaned her some money to go to school. ... (4 replies)
... I guess the beginning would be a good place huh? ... (1 replies)
Teens Drinking
Dec 6, 2004
... Just a quick update to all and response to Sheri and Mica as well as Heartland.... ... (217 replies)
Teens Drinking
Dec 2, 2004
... and we would like to celebrate and my younger daughter has a chamber choir concert with a solo and she is playing the trumpet as well... ... (217 replies)
... On a fair note, they did thank her, they praised her to anyone who listened. My daughter basked in it. I think that is why she is not mad at them for firing her, she is blaming me. I was wrong for asking when she would get paid. ... (15 replies)
Teens Drinking
Jul 5, 2005
... Thanks, sfgirl, for popping in and giving me the added reassurance that us moms of teens are in so much need of. I am sure that this is a test and I am finding that most of the time I am doing okay....I just wish that things would be more "friendly" between us.... ... (217 replies)
... I don't think I said before, but my mom is an alcoholic, although she doesn't say so. A 18 pack a day is what she drinks alone. My mom or dad, has never told me not to smoke, drink have sex etc. Thats my values. ... (18 replies)
... The girl he molested had just turned 8 at the time he had was caught. After she gave her statement the police informed her mother that he had been molesting since before she started school, but she wasn't sure how long before she started to go to school. ... (8 replies)
... use very clear, firm language. Your kids are very capable of reasoning that, "If I do....X..... then it results in....Z...." They might not get that Z could be a life changing consequence, but they do understand that Z will get them in big trouble with Dad and maybe they shouldn't do X. Does that make sense? ... (7 replies)
... mom to, she had nothing but problems with her Mom. I never once saw those problems when she was with me. I got down and played with her, involved her in everything with the family, made all the kids share their toys etc. ... (5 replies)
My 1st grader
Aug 31, 2004
... Okay I just bought 1st grade workbooks today and had my daughter do 6 pages on writting, reading, matching and comprehension. She got a 100 on EVERY one of them at home... ... (27 replies)
... I was 21 when I met my husband.22 when we began dating.2 months after we began dating I found out I was pregnant.He didn't want it.Wanted me to have an abortion.I couldn't be pregnant! ... (11 replies)
Nov 30, 2004
... I'm going through these issues with my 16 year old big time and I must tell you consider yourself lucky that it's just started for you. ... (6 replies)
... that extra mile, I felt hurt. I don't mean I wanted to be paid more for it, I would have liked for my aunt and uncle to have THANKED me at least... sometimes not a word was said. ... (15 replies)

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