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... Kathy, You better believe that i spank the bare bum!!!!! I am very much old school when it comes to diciplining my children! ... (119 replies)
... I don't spank bare bottoms but yes I do spank. I have a boy!!! I'm not sure what I did to deserve having a boy! lol!! I threaten more than anything. That usually works. He has had it before and knows it hurts. When you have a kid that punches his sister in the face... ... (119 replies)
... I have spanked on the bare butt. It is not to necesarily increase the pain, as many previous posters have said, but to get my point across. I think it is more the sound, than the fact that their butt is bare that bothers them personally. ... (119 replies)

... Yes, we do spank. It can be challenging to spank boys when they wear jeans all the time, so I've found that if 'bare bottom' is 'called for', dropping the jeans but keeping the underwear up is just as effective and doesn't send any mixed signals about the privates or modesty, etc. ... (119 replies)
... Just like you i also use the reward system cuz it wouldn't be right to only disapline if they did something wrong and never notice any good they do. my reward system however is stickers. ... (119 replies)
... I know my son. I know he knows his limits, I know he tests them, and I know that is age appropriate. All toddlers do this. However, toddlerhood is the age when children get out of control. ... (119 replies)
... a disciplinary swat on the bottom, and 'hitting' a violent motion carried out on any other part of the body. ... (119 replies)
... I am from the old school and did spank my children. However, when a child is still young enough to be in diapers they are too young to learn from a spanking. ... (119 replies)
... when I did, it was one swat on the bare bum... ... (119 replies)
... The difference between the arm, face or butt would be the amount of nerve endings, if you ask me. ... (119 replies)
... have spanked my kids rear ends they know before hand why it is gonna happen.My kids also do not feel they have been treated wrongly they realize when they break the rules they will be punished wether it be a spanking or some other way but there will be conseqeunces. ... (119 replies)
... Pain is the most effective learning tool in all of life. I drank too much once in college and ended up with a horrible hangover. Therefore, I didn't ever drink that much again. Or my son had a tendency to constantly close the doors on his fingers. It hurt, and he cried. ... (119 replies)
... Sadly yesterday we had to spank all 3 of our kids due to theft from my wifes purse which was found in the twins bedroom,the twins blamed each other and the youngest,the youngest said it wasnt him and blamed the twins saying it was in there bedroom we decided to ground them all for 1 week but told them if the one who took it owned up we would listen to the reason why before... (119 replies)
... I don't have any cut and dried answers for you because as you know, our kids are just as different as we all are! I'll try to give a few suggestions that you could try, or not, as you see fit. ... (119 replies)
... to parent that don't include hitting. Spanking is taking an object or your hand and striking your child to create shock,fear, remember that sweet baby you swore on the day they were born to love and cherish. Why have children if you hit them? ... (119 replies)
... I'll admit that my kids occasionally got one swat on the rear end when I felt the need to really get their attention. ... (119 replies)
... i would hope the answer to that would be no. so how can we say its ok to do that to a child? ... (119 replies)
... ok i can agree with you that an adults punishment compared to a childs needs to differ and that a childs mentality is different than an adult. children are not capable of making major decisions for themselfs and therefore need adult guidence. ... (119 replies)
... wow big debate on all of this. I haven't decided what i'm gonna do yet. I was hit on the bare bottom, with a belt, switch and all. My parent's are very old school when it comes to discipline also. ... (119 replies)
... I could never imagine raising my hand to anyone of my boys. I think they deserve the same respect as any one else. If I don't like something my boss,neighbors or friends do I don't hit them Why hit a child? ... (119 replies)

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