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... like running into the street. I was spanked with my pants down and it was a humiliating experience. I would never do that to my kids. ... (119 replies)
... Spanking is the only way we can get our sons attention. ... (119 replies)
... Thanks dazedandconfused for understanding. As for a better day....I only hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Her third Birthday party will be here in a few weeks...I'm tempted to cancel it because she has been so fresh lately... ... (119 replies)

... In my opinion a good swat or two on the rear deters a child from some dangerous type adventures like going out in the road, putting forks in electrical sockets, and climbing ladders. ... (119 replies)
... and because she can't defend herself, I have to get the point across. " Kind of says it all. If I bother Mom she gives me a whack because I can't defend myself and she needs to get her point across. ... (119 replies)
... Siren you might want to look into age appropriate behavior for a 2 year old. ALL 2 year olds laugh at you when you get angry with them. You cannot take it personally. ... (119 replies)
... PUSHUPS!!! works very well for issues of disobedience and sass. my kids are 7 months apart, 6 and almost 7 years old, a boy and a girl, so we get a lot of sass and fighting and things like that. ... (119 replies)
... Actually, offkilter, you misquoted me. What I actually said was "I don't WANT to get angry while spanking him...." therefore, I don't allow myself. If the one lick works, I use it. No more after that FOR THAT VERY REASON. If the more swats through the diaper DON'T work, I begin to get angry with him. ... (119 replies)
... children with out spanking. I have experienced children hitting mine and their moms do not do anything about it. Maybe they say no hitting. But it's from across the room while they are sitting on the couch. My DS just went through a hitting phase that lasted a month. ... (119 replies)
... I am in shock at how the majority of the people on here who still use hitting as a punishment! ... (119 replies)
... You made perfect sense to me. Alot of what you spoke about I already do. For instance, keeping her included in the things I do. She LOVES making eggs for breakfast. ... (119 replies)
... As always the subject of dicipline is very controversial. Siren, let me tell you that i commend you for the parenting you are doing with your child. I so agree with everything you have said. ... (119 replies)
... I have never one time seen a decent looking family hitting there kids. ... (119 replies)
... there are other ways 2. why would spanking their kids just once make a difference? ... (119 replies)
... I dont find myself having to spank too often nowadays, if she is being rude or not listening to me, then if I feel the situaton is serious enough i will ask her if she is looking for a spanking? ... (119 replies)
... I dont find myself having to spank too often nowadays, if she is being rude or not listening to me, then if I feel the situaton is serious enough i will ask her if she is looking for a spanking? ... (119 replies)
... I've never met a parent who has said they were never spanked as a child but they spank their own children. Any parents want to chime in ? ... (119 replies)
... I never got spanked,I never spanked my kids, they don't spank any of their children, I have 5 grandkids. My youngest son is 7 he has never been spanked. Their are families where parents do not resort to spanking. ... (119 replies)
... :wave: Hi, just wanted to give my view on a subject that seems to have got to a heated stage where we seem to be disagreeing with each others view instead of accepting some people have a different way of dealing with discipline problems,i myself agree with a spanking policy for all act of naughtiness,im not saying im right and im not saying if you dont spank that your wrong id... (119 replies)
... sounds like you have very well behaved kids thats wonderful.I have good kids also,although I will spank their bottoms if I feel its warrented which is also rarely.I do no believe it is has effected my kids in a negative way whatsoever. ... (119 replies)

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