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... Offkilter, seriously, you can stop now. You have gotten your point across. You are a better parent, you have better children, and we are all a bunch of unloving child abusers who "hit" our children out of anger, lack of education, etc, etc.... ... (119 replies)
... No body is saying a 2 year old isnt intelligent enough to know right from wrong. My daughter is 21 months old and she DEFINATELY knows she is doing wrong when I say NO ! ... (119 replies)
... I dont think I have ever said you didnt love your children! I am pretty sure you do otherwise you wouldnt be on here defending yourself. ... (119 replies)

... I believe in the exact same politness. My dd will not get what she wants until she asks me in the right way. And like your ds, my dd is quite often, very polite. Always please and thankyous.... ... (119 replies)
... I tried to get her involved in some sort of activity twice a week. We have Self Help which is free for low income families I applied for it...but its basically a lottery. She would do great with something like this. Hopefully I can get her in.She needs something like that....I need something like that! ... (119 replies)
... I have always thought that the phrase "spare the rod and spoil the child" was an instruction! ... (119 replies)
... I think this thread is getting a lil out of hand.....people dicipline their children the way they feel right to....and i am sure no one here is gonna deliberatly hurt thier child...its ok to offer help... ... (119 replies)
... Wow, this is a heated discussion! All I can comment on is my own experience. I was NEVER hit as a child. I was far from perfectly behaved, but my mother wouldn't dare. ... (119 replies)
... I agree with spanking. I have a 3 and 4 year old and they get spankings. I hate to do it but I have tried every other thing in the book to keep them under control. I am not going to raise little hellions. If that means spanking their hind end, then so be it. ... (119 replies)
... My sentiments exactly! As with the point I was making earlier, yes, there were times I feared my parents. ... (119 replies)
... Just an update on how things are 3 year old dd has been doing much better lately. Her stages spring up on me so fast, but they are also fast to leave. She has done VERY well not hitting her brother. ... (119 replies)
... dibly horrible day yesterday with my dd.There is no excuse for my lashing out directly towards just so happened that I read your post first and you know the rest. I do appologize in the most sincere way. My dd has been testing me BIG time lately and I used you as an outlet.Again very sorry. ... (119 replies)
... ldren learn in different ways. As long as other techniques have been tried, I think what works should be used.Kids need discipline. If they are not learning from a soft stern voice...the discipline must change. One child might listen better with the soft stern voice. Other children are not so easy and don't listen. ... (119 replies)
... I just don't understand how pain can help a child? ... (119 replies)
... hold their hands for a minute. I have seen these ways work on a younger child 1 yr. She occasionally acts up again and is on a time out, she hates being on a time out more than anything ever. when the baby is older I will resort to spanking if necessary. I will not spare the rod and spoil the child. ... (119 replies)
... First of all, i just want to point out that the quote "Spare the rod, spoil the child" has been taking verym uch out of context. The rod they are referring to is disipline. Not a stick or a hand. It should be quoted "Spare the disipline, spoil the child". I think we can all agree to that. ... (119 replies)
... y son is 27 months old, and we are trying to instill manners and respect. I KNOW he can say, Please, Thank You, and I'm Sorry, because he's done it spontaneously on many occasions. ... (119 replies)
... so they will sometimes get a new cartridge for that, as a reward. they don't really get an allowance yet, but they do earn dollars for various chores. ... (119 replies)
... To me it raises a red flag that a parent would say hitting is the only way to make my child behave. ... (119 replies)
... This is a touchy subject but like all things wrong they take time be recognized as such. Parents want to justify what there parents did. ... (119 replies)

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