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... I am desperate for some advice on an after school routine. I welcome any and all tips as to how to return home from school with a 7 yo and a 5 yo, get homework, supper and the evening rolling. The problem is every evening they come in rambling from one thing to another. ... (11 replies)
... My daughter just started kindergarten. She goes to my grandparents house after school. Most days, she's in a good mood there but by the time I get her at 5, she is ill. ... (1 replies)
... garden, they go from one thing to another back and forth. Fighting and fussing telling on each other. I follow their lead instead of them following mine. I guess after school routine is the least of what I need huh? ... (11 replies)

... I agree w/Sannah Maybe homework would be best for them--one at a time--after school. If you sit down w/each one then you're spending time w/them individually and knocking out homework in the process. Maybe have one of them watch something while you work w/the other one. You'd have to see which one was the better waiter. Then you're attention is on them and you can laugh,... (11 replies)
... ime to unwind and relax. She didn't always immediately want to talk about her day, so this worked best for us. I also didn't expect her to start homework right after spending 7 hours in school. ... (11 replies)
... ut of the house so it wasnt an issue for me... my sister changed schools several times until they settled into a well to do neighbourhood.. She started attending school and became very anxious and depressed... similar complaints about the kids being snobby and rich... ... (6 replies)
School nightmare
Aug 25, 2005
... Many times kids model their feelings after us. Were you anxious about her starting school? ... (7 replies)
... There really is nothing when I think about it, he comes home after school, does his homework and goes outside to play when there's time. It's getting dark so early now, so really, he doesn't do too much! ... (7 replies)
... Right now he is grounded because of this, which is really bothering him since he can not go any where to hang out with his friends..He has been staying after school to try to make for what he has missed..But again he did this last year and went right back to the same routine.. ... (2 replies)
... s ready for us in the evening. As for the phone ringing, don't answer it if you're busy. If I'm busy with my kids, I let the machine pick up and call people back after the kids are settled. I always make sure I'm available to help my kids with their homework in the evening. ... (11 replies)
... I think having a routine that is calm and not rushed is helpful. Perhaps dropping some of the activities for a while. ... (4 replies)
... s school if your must. Try and stay outside the door so that you are only there if she needs you. But if necessary set in the class. ... (11 replies)
... Daily routine for us. ... (24 replies)
... things that are expected of her on a daily basis. She makes her bed, sets the table for dinner, makes sure her room is clean, etc.. We have a very established routine which I think helps a lot with the sassiness. She knows what to expect. ... (7 replies)
We need help!!!
Aug 31, 2007
... I have established a routine with her. When she wakes up she will sit down for breakfast. After that she goes and gets dressed, brushes her hair and teeth, and then makes her bed. When she is done with that then I will fix her hair however she wants. ... (7 replies)
... Wanting To Burst Out To Talk About... They Havent Seen You All Day So They Want To Tell You.. At Least That Is How It Goes Around My House For The First 2 Hours After Work.. You At The 16 Year Old Stage And I Dont Envy You Abit!!!! ... (13 replies)
... hours of sleep a day for proper developement. Also the schedule is recking havoc with your routine and son's comfort for many days after he is returned. Schedules and routines are very important for children. Deviation can cause many propblems for those involved. ... (3 replies)
Help with toddler
Jan 30, 2007
... Im glad to here your daughter liked preschool, you might be like me, i needed a box of tissues after i left him for the first time hehe.. ... (6 replies)
... Again, I need to speak up for the bio mom's here. I have phsyical custody of my daughter. Her father married very quickly after our breakup. ... (10 replies)
... pulling" was similar to the "cutting", eating problems or other disorders that some people do to deal with stress or other issues. They felt that the teasing at school may have had a lot to do with her problem. ... (24 replies)

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