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... me or realize how lucky she really is. I do have some rules for her that she's aware of but rarely follows. I enforce them as best I can, but...well, I won't get into it right now. ... (13 replies)
... I didn't ask who agreed that kids should have chores, and as parents, we all have our own beliefs & styles of parenting. I don't look at giving her $1 - $2week bribery. I'm doing it as more of a teaching tool. That's why she's not getting like $5 or $10 like some kids. I just want her to learn to have some of her own money & how to be responsible with it. I think finances is... (13 replies)
... Actually, that wasn't a questionnaire. They were just examples of things I needed people to help implement. It didn't have to be those exact things. Also, I have no problem setting rules, sticking to what I said, disciplining... I already know how to handle that. Like I said, there's story there that isn't being told, and it has nothing to with me being like one of them... (13 replies)

... up her own things and becoming more independent with herself first before moving on to helping the family and "earning her keep." That's what I've found at that age anyway. ... (13 replies)
... agree that I will complete the agreed chores, follow the agreed rules or there will be consequences. These consequences will happen without fail. ... (13 replies)
... But you have to raise they to be a productive member of the community. Teaching them that there are toys that need to be picked up, etc is apart of their, everyones life. We all have to do things we don't want to do. You go to work. You may not want to go, but you have to. Is that a bribe? Besides, it's not like you are asking your 6 year old to go mow the lawn. These are... (13 replies)
... OMG all i do is ask my kids to make their beds and open their curtains!they are nearly 6 and 8 i cant imagine giving them specific chores and to give them cash is like bribary. if they do have jobs around the house(which i dont agree with) they should be doing them because they are told to and not in return for a bribe of some sort. my children are children they go to school,... (13 replies)
... then there is nothing wrong with it. My children might get 2 to 3 spankings in a years time. They only get a spanking for something that warrants it. I think age also has to come into play somewhere here also. For instance, my 13 yr old hasn't had a spanking in probably 5 years. ... (28 replies)
... years old with proper training and rules should be about right. Also keep in mind that at any age, if a child is caught sneaking a knife into school, they will most likely be expelled. ... (3 replies)
... I believe that they need to know how to make things on their own... Like brushing their teeth.. picking their toys... turn off the tv if he is not watching anymore, simple stuff (my youngest is 4 ang he doin this by himself). My eldest is 10, he put away the dishes from the table and put them on sink (but i'm the one who wash them) evrynight he have to arrange/ prepare the... (13 replies)
... Yes, I think we can agree on the main issue. I think the monetary part is irrelevant & varies w/ each family. Like I said, the way I propose to do it wouldn't be bribery. Is it bribery when your boss tells you that you won't be paid if you don't do the time? No, my daughter isn't my employee, but it's a way of explaining it. Please forgive me b/c my health problems make it... (13 replies)
... That's sorta what I was explaining. We're just using different words. (13 replies)
... I don't think kids should just get an Allowance. they should be put on commission. They do the job that was asked, they get paid. This teaches so many things that will help later on in life. Kiesha (13 replies)
... I guess its best to share how I was raised as I believe I was somewhat rare of a child in that I don't believe I ever complained about doing my chores unless I just wasn't feeling well or very tired. At 7 years old anything I played with needed to be put away the second I was done with it. Learning it this way IMO is the best way because I learned to say put my keys in the... (13 replies)
... Not a bad idea. I tried something similar that didn't work, but it was a marble type system. Maybe if she sees she's actually losing money, she'll change her tune. LOL Thanks! (13 replies)
... We have a couple different types of chores in our family. Things like putting away own laundry, making beds and doing dishes is just part of being a family and has nothing to do with having an allowance. It's just something that is done. Allowance comes in with helping outside with extra chores or helping with vacuuming, dusting, etc. One way to help with the... (13 replies)
... sexual activities. Wrong, but creative nonetheless. It shows that she may actually understand some of the consequences of her actions, not that she's making the appropriate choices, but that she understands the possible consequences. ... (11 replies)
Feb 28, 2005
... No, I don't think what you did was wrong - I applaud you! You are talking with your daughter with what is acceptable and teaching her wearing sexy clothes at her age is not allowed - regardless if Other Mothers are allowing with their daughters... When my step daughter turned 13 (she is now 15) I was VERY very surprised what her mother allowed her to wear - tight tshirts,... (54 replies)
... wow! But then it occurred to me that I don't think it was ever mentioned 'where' he was until 2. And then I remembered that yes, our son, was allowed at that age to be out that late from time to time too. They used to like to go to laser bowling and to late movies, and I really never had a problem with that. ... (9 replies)
Nov 18, 2003
... hat they help with the meals and snacks. First, they don't bring that over on Monday, like asked and agreed upon. Second, they will not tell me what they feel is appropriate disiciple for their child. I have simple rules these girls refuse to follow, and I have had them both for over a year. My neice I have had since she was 1. ... (4 replies)

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