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... w you are ready to have your baby sleep in her crib. You have to do this slowly. You would not throw your baby in the pool and say sink or swim. Putting her in a crib and leaving her there to cry could be really scary for her. Plus letting her cry for an hour and then giving up and getting her is not fair to her. ... (2 replies)
... Yes, I put mattress from a crib to the toddler bed and my 4 year old is fine there. There are room to grow for at least couple years. ... (19 replies)
... Isn't the toddler bed mattress just the crib mattress? ... (19 replies)

... My dd is also very small but she fall off the crib when she was between 2 and 3 years old, and we didn't see it coming. Anyway we put her in the playpen to sleep not toddler bed util she was at least 3. ... (19 replies)
... I can definitely relate to this problem. My now 6 year old daughter used to do the same thing when her brother was born 2 years ago. She loved getting in the crib and "playing" with the baby. They weren't sleeping in the same room so it wasn't that big of a deal, we could basically just separate the two of them. ... (7 replies)
... i have a dd who will be 3 in april. she is very petite and small for her age. she is still in her crib and hasnt tried to climb out. how long should i keep her in the crib? ... (19 replies)
... We had our daughter out of her crib a bit before she was two. We put her in her crib night and she gave us this michevious look as she put her leg up over the bar, and that was the end of the crib. ... (19 replies)
... My son out grew his crib well before he was 2. He went straight to a twin size bed. We used his crib matress as a buffer so that if he did roll out of bed, he landed on it. ... (19 replies)
... house. You are still going to hear her. Don't waste your money with a toddler bed. My son had a really nice car bed and NEVER slept in it once. Moved out of his crib right in to the twin bed. Within a week or so, he wasn't getting out of and going right to sleep. ... (19 replies)
... if i am understanding what a crib is.. with the high sides? ... (19 replies)
... My first daughter was out of her crib before she was two. We just put her in a regular twin bed and put a rail on it. A toddler bed for a three year old wouldn't last you very long at all. ... (19 replies)
... I agree. The transition from crib to bed is certainly more challenging. I switched my dd to a big bed when she was 2. We bought her a twin size. Not one of those toddler beds. ... (3 replies)
Crib - Bed??
Sep 17, 2003
... At what age did your children go from the crib to the bed? ... (7 replies)
... iefly and leave. Increase the time it takes you to go back in. It'll take a few nights, but he will learn to fall asleep alone. We did this with my DD at that age and it took about 4 nights and that was it. ... (5 replies)
... personal preference whether or not you want your kids to transition to toddler bed or straight to a twin. When my son was around 2 he tried to crawl out of his crib so we got a toddler bed. I decided on that so I could live vicariously through him in his RACE CAR BED! ... (19 replies)
... After she fall from the crib we put her to playpen and she slept there for a while. We were told that it is not good for her since it is too soft. ... (19 replies)
... We went right to a twin bed. But, we had planned to convert our 4 and 1 crib into a toddler bed. ... (19 replies)
... I honestly can't see either my 4 year old or 6 year old sleeping on a crib mattress. ... (19 replies)
... My oldest never had a problem falling out of the bed. But my youngest had one up until the age of 13. It was kind of funny, and even she thought so. Not sure why she would fall out, and it was not often. Just once in a while. ... (19 replies)
... he is 2 now. He figured out how to climb out of the crib so we had to. I don't think there is any hurry. ... (3 replies)

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