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... My niece was two in September and my sister is thinking about a toddler bed or a twin bed for her because she jumps up and down in the crib something awful. She also strips her clothes off and the bed! ... (3 replies)
Crib - Bed??
Nov 10, 2003
... My second dd who is 7 now was in her crib until 4. ... (7 replies)
... thanks for your reply. like i said, i feel like we have taken a huge step back as he did go right to sleep in his crib with no fuss. i can not tell you how awful these last 2 weeks have been, but i think that last night was the topper. ... (4 replies)

... to his room has always worked and I've had no negative reactions to the crib becasue of it. But that's what works for us. I put him in his crib when he was younger because it was a safe place for him to be if he threw a total tantrum and he couldn't get out. ... (5 replies)
... smile from Avery and I know it is all worth it..I bet you feel the same way.. actually Avery smiles alot especially first thing in the morning when you go to her crib when she first wakes... its soo adorable.. nice that she wakes up soo cheery.. she makes lots of little cooing noises too.. ... (122 replies)
... Is the baby crib and big girl bed in same room? ... (10 replies)
... ACTUALLY.... the only thing your MIL is really doing wrong here, is not listening to you, which is something that needs to be addressed. As far as holding a screaming child down to help them fall asleep.... plenty of people have had to resort to that, myself included, and there's nothing wrong with it. It's not going to harm the child. My oldest wouldn't take a nap any... (6 replies)
... Simple sleep training may help, he is used to you going in there now, that's why he wakes up, he knows you'll give him attention. Plus you lay down with him, hold his hand etc.. Look up sleep training on the internet. It's basically letting them cry about 10 minutes, going in there(NOT taking them out of the crib or bed) pat them on the back tell them it's okay, then LEAVE, it... (11 replies)
... moved my dd to a toddler bed when she was around 2, because she somehow was able to fall off the crib. When they start trying to put their leg on the side of the crib it is a time. My dd is 5 and she is still fit in toddler bed. ... (5 replies)
... obviously too young to tell anyone if anything happened. That is around the time he began to play with his penis tho. It began with him pulling himself up in his crib and rubbing himself agenst the bars. ... (8 replies)
... something. As we are learning about diapers, bottles, and safe crib toys our peers are paying their children's college tuition. However, in some ways, I think Lynn and I have an advantage. ... (5 replies)
... ted too much of him at too young of an age. He started walking at 9 months, and by 11 months was into EVERYTHING. I think I just expected too much of him at that age and he didn't really understand. I would get so frustrated because he didn't "listen" and he was SOOOO high energy. ... (2 replies)
Potty Training
Jan 8, 2007
... The best advice that I ever received was to get them used to the potty at a young age before they have a chance to develop any fears about it (I received this advice from my mother-in-law who raised 9 children). I noticed that my second daughter was dry in the morning at the age of either 1 or 1 1/2 years of age. What I did then was get her out of the crib and immediately go... (7 replies)
... There is the issue of age as well. I posted that I used the CIO method with my son and that it had worked. I should clarify that I did not do this until he was over a year old. ... (44 replies)
... this is so funny.... i could have written this post!!!! you have exactly described my younger daughter! she is two and a half and she does exactly the same thing! she was really REALLY bad when we first took the guard rail off her crib (to make it like a toddler bed). we wouldn't get halfway down the hall before she'd be at her bedroom door calling us and looking pitiful! ... (2 replies)
... I would try an work on the pacifier and the bottle, but the potty and the blanket I would leave go for now. My son was 3 1/2 when he finally got the whole potty thing down. He's now 4 and still wears pull up's to bed. He never has accidents during the day, but always wets his bed at nightime. I see a blanket no different than the stuffed animal I carried around for years... (6 replies)
... your guess is as good as mine! we had to put the crib bars back on my little one's bed because she wouldn't stay in it and she kept getting out and waking up her sister! ... (8 replies)
... no matter what I do! Sometimes I get fed up with it, and put him back in his crib to cry. ... (8 replies)
... up cause he knows it won't make a mess. I've tried potty charts and treats. It's hopeless. His little sister is getting too big for her crib and we need to move her to a new bed. ... (12 replies)
... You sound just like my mother! When I was a baby, around the same age as your son, I was terrified of bugs. I would scream that they were in my crib. ... (5 replies)

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