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... My DS is going to be 2 in june and is not yet talking. He had a bit of a rocky start, He had seizures when he was born and was in the NICU for 10 days. He has been completely seizure free and happy since he was an infant. ... (7 replies)
... My son just turned 2 a few eeks ago, and a month ago wasn't saying much either. I would say he was saying about 50 words, just not showing that he was progressing. We had him evaluated for all sorts of things, all were fine, so we just waited. ... (7 replies)
... Mine was a babbler, but nothing made sense. We could terll he was asking us and trying to talk, but not understand what he was saying. He would start getting frustrated and appear to ignore us... he did ignore us. ... (7 replies)

... My DS was diagnosed with an expressive speech delay when he turned 2. He was maybe saying 5 words. He could understand everything you said to him but could not communicate except to grunt. We started speech therapy in Sept. ... (7 replies)
... You might want to have him checked for autism. Doctors usually check for that when a child is not saying 2 word phrases by the age of 2. Tantrums are a sign as well. Does he ignore you when you call his name. Autistic children act like they are deaf. ... (7 replies)
... If you are concerned, you might want to have a doctor look at him. I have a friend who had a similar experience and found out that her son has mild autism. ... (7 replies)
... My kids are 2,3,4, and 12. I would rather I had twins or triplets. At least then they would be doing the same things at the same times!! ... (11 replies)
... yeah, my two are perfect angels, so i really don't know what to tell you..... and then i woke up....... ... (3 replies)
... refuse to poop in the potty. Peeing in the potty is not a problem. ... (3 replies)
... For a year now she has been dating a boy who is a complete jerk and not the brightest bulb, they have both been very verbally and physically abusive towards each other and fight constantly and i know it is partly due to her mental instability. ... (2 replies)
... You have to talk to your pediatritian. If necessary he will send him for free evaluation, and you have people working with him at your home for free. ... (7 replies)
Nov 1, 2004
... This is a tough situation for me. A good friend of mine has a son who is the same age as mine. We hang out often, or used to rather, and her kid is off the hook!! He is constantly hitting my son or putting his hands or feet on him in some way and I can't stand it! ... (1 replies)
... have a huge delima and maybe someone can give me some helpfull advice. ... (5 replies)
... She is very annoying and buggy but not directly at anyone, just in general. She has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and is now medicated and less buggy but not a complete angel. He's the only one who can get completely out of control around her. ... (56 replies)
... As far as sharing a room, just remember that the baby isn't going to sleep through the night for a few months at least, and the crying is going to wake up your son as well. ... (10 replies)
... I have 5 kids and they are all different. I show them all "equal love". I praise them for what they have done and none of them do anything the same. ... (6 replies)
... My friend has a 3 year old and a 2 year who are completely out of control. They throw temper tantrums left and right, they talk back, they repeat everything you say, almost anything you can think of, and coming from a parent this is completely unacceptable. ... (0 replies)
May Mommies 2!
Oct 20, 2005
... I'm sorry, I haven't been on this board in forever! I forgot what I was even talking about! I'll look back on the other may mommies thread! Tell us what's going on! ... (46 replies)
... It's not really normal but when you are talking about anxiety...What is? ... (1 replies)
... Well you have your opinion and I have mine. ... (28 replies)

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