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... Glad to hear from you! I do not believe that bootcamp will work, as bipolar is an illness, not a behaviour issue. ... (14 replies)
... t spend on anything but a cab and let them know the horrors of drunk driving. i wonder if cab companies have like a gift card thing thats something to look into. as a teenager i would defanatly rather get in a car with a driver who was drunk then call my mom. espically if i was drunk but even if i wasnt. ... (10 replies)
... As long as you make sure the kids don't see it as a way to learn new bullying techniques, it is great. ... (1 replies)

... My adult children know I was abused. They've known since they were 10 and 12. I used it as a way to talk about sex and as they got older, things like date rape. ... (2 replies)
... I cannot even imagine a 12mo old child being diagnosed as BP, how would they even communicate with that child to get a correct diagnosis? ... (14 replies)
... Stick with it! My daughter was the same and everyone told me it was colic as a baby, terrible two's as a toddler and so on....My daughter gave up napping before she was 6 months old, and never really settled into a good sleeping pattern. ... (14 replies)
... gs and her father. It's hard to discipline down here in the lower 48. Take too hard of a stand like my parents did, and you might wind up in jail. I was paddled as a child. Today you can go to jail or lose your children for spanking and yet, her behavior is becoming more abusive everyday. ... (14 replies)
... Well, we've been together for 3.5 years now and the two kids have been best friends all along... so I don't think he is upset she's there. He just isn't as sweet of a kid as she is. ... (3 replies)
... 1. What if he/she was at a party and the person who was supposed to drive him/her home was drunk? well when i was younger i always knew i could call my mom to come get me no matter what, i would do the same with my daughter. 2. What if several of his/her friends had joined a gang and were trying to get him/her to join? goodness, well i guess i would educate them of... (10 replies)
... Depends on how you define as "much"...if it's about two years, then I wouldn't mind. ... (10 replies)
... lol. that's a hard one, the desire to fit in as a teenage is a strong one. I would talk to him her about the dangers of that lifestyle, about how it can impact the future. ... (10 replies)
... My son is 18 years old and in his last year of school. My problems is he basically comes and goes as he pleases and I have a difficult time controlling him, although he isn't really a bad kid. But he seems to relate to me more as a peer than an adult parent. ... (6 replies)
... were diagnosed with bipolar disorder and all of my kids were diagnosed with ADHD. While I believe the other 2 have ADHD I think my bipolar kids were misdiagnosed as Bipolar and ADHD have a lot of similar symptoms in early childhood. ... (14 replies)
... which are not as readily available and are in the sources i wrote about in previous posts here. Says though there are not yet firm recommendations as to how much a person needs of daily intake of Omega 3's, but it's around 2. ... (24 replies)
... him one day of doing drugs because of how he was behaving, he became SO upset of my accusing him. Again, my fingers are crossed that so far he hasn't done any. As in any school...It is very available and he has told me so. He has also told me he has said NO and it wasn't a big deal to him to say NO. ... (10 replies)
... and from the day she came home i knew she was more outgoing as my other kids.She never wanted to sleep even as a newborn and as she got older things got worser. ... (14 replies)
... hurt. But tempers must remain calm so that an effective conversation can take place. Sometimes that's too hard for my husband and I when it concerns my son, so as stupid as it sounds, we chat online with each other about it. ... (3 replies)
... My problem is that when we have conflicts with the kids I tend to make excuses for my son and I don't give him as harsh of a punishment as my husband thinks I should. I have a hard time believing he means to do anything wrong and it's affecting my relationship with my husband. ... (3 replies)
... o me with my son. I know Grandmother's get to spoil their kids and be the fun ones and sneak them candy and such, but she does it just to keep control of things. As she pointed her guilty finger around the room at us I wanted so much to say something, as did everyone else but no one dared. Did we have the right too? ... (2 replies)
... Guys in high school as well as college like to do crazy things to show that they aren't cowards when they are presented with a challenge from their buddies. ... (6 replies)

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