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... spanking in excess here. I'm sure they are not treating their children like animals. What would the difference be between a swat on the hand verses a swat on the bum anyway? ... (119 replies)
... I was spanked as a child and I WILL spank when it comes to my children. I thank my parents for raising me the way they did. My grandpa spanked me, I remember when I was younger, once when I was real bad he made me walk out to the peach tree behind the house and pick a stick to be spanked with. ... (119 replies)
... They do these studies on children...watching them and listening....I was spanked as a child and not once in those years did I think to myself "oh, gee, my mom is bigger than I am so its ok for her to hit me. ... (119 replies)

... The old subject creeps up again and i would like to give my views ....YES...we do spank on the bare our 3 kids ages boy5,girl7,boy7 twins we have found that talking serves no purpose as our kids dont take any notice,and we normally have to resort to hand spanking which is done in private so our kids are spanked not in view of each other,this is something we decided on the 1st... (119 replies)
... hmm... yup, i was spanked as a child. i thought it sucked, but i showed mom and dad a little more respect after that! only took once for me, and i remember it well. ... (119 replies)
... I never got spanked,I never spanked my kids, they don't spank any of their children, I have 5 grandkids. My youngest son is 7 he has never been spanked. ... (119 replies)
... Sadly yesterday we had to spank all 3 of our kids due to theft from my wifes purse which was found in the twins bedroom,the twins blamed each other and the youngest,the youngest said it wasnt him and blamed the twins saying it was in there bedroom we decided to ground them all for 1 week but told them if the one who took it owned up we would listen to the reason why before... (119 replies)
... I feel that if you practice constant discipline from day 1 the kids will respond to just words and other forms of punishment and not need to be spanked. I WAS spanked as a kid. Not often, but probably a dozen times, including getting slapped across the face a few times as a teen. ... (119 replies)
... What you occassionally see out in public is certainly not what takes place in every family who spanks. I know MANY well to do people who were spanked as children who in turn have spanked their children. This is not about economic statis here. ... (119 replies)
... will say it again, its just an out for parents. Im not having a go at anyone who does hit their kids, Im just talking from my own personal experience. Both as a spanked child and as a parent that USE to spank. You can still discipline your children and have well behaved children without hitting them. I guess its called patience. ... (119 replies)
... I too, am very much old school when it comes to discipline. I was spanked with a belt. ... (119 replies)
... Of course we have things like that here fifi.Anyway, when I have spanked my kids rear ends they know before hand why it is gonna happen. ... (119 replies)
... I am from the old school and did spank my children. However, when a child is still young enough to be in diapers they are too young to learn from a spanking. For generations spanking has been used. There are right and wrong ways to spank. Spanking can and will teach a child to hit others, they do not understand why mom or dad can hit them and they cannot hit. When it is... (119 replies)
... I've never met a parent who has said they were never spanked as a child but they spank their own children. Any parents want to chime in ? ... (119 replies)
... Hitting or spanking???? I understood the difference when I was a child. My son is smart enough to understand too. By no means am I suggesting that every child needs to be spanked. I have a neice who desolves into tears when you speak to her sharply. She's never needed to be spanked. Sometimes my son doesn't listen (of course, I try verbally telling him to "stop" first) and... (119 replies)
... like running into the street. I was spanked with my pants down and it was a humiliating experience. I would never do that to my kids. ... (119 replies)
... Thinking back, my parents rarely spanked the bare bum. They did, however, use a belt or a paddle so clothing removal was uncessary. ... (119 replies)
... I have a 2 year old almost 3 and I spank her mostly on the bum if she would not ABSOLUTELY listen to me what so ever. I spanked her bare bottom 2 or 3 times. So yeah, it all depends on the child and the parent's view on the morality of it. ... (119 replies)
... ok i can agree with you that an adults punishment compared to a childs needs to differ and that a childs mentality is different than an adult. children are not capable of making major decisions for themselfs and therefore need adult guidence. but i think that only makes my point stronger. what kind of example is it to a child to say if you make a mistake i am going to hit you.... (119 replies)
... I am expecting my first child, but i decided years ago that i would do my best to find alternate means of disipline for my children. I was never spanked as a child, and dont think it is always neccessary. ... (119 replies)

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