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... t advice, so listen to her!!! BUT, I do believe you can talk to your kids, you just have to know how to do it. You have to use very clear, firm language. Your kids are very capable of reasoning that, "If I do....X..... then it results in....Z.... ... (7 replies)
... My kids have accepted my husband and his children with no ill will, anger, conditions since day one. ... (4 replies)
... As far as your kids go..... one sure fire way to keep your kids out of trouble is to keep them busy. Give them jobs to do to actually help you. ... (7 replies)

... hrs to clean the messes he has made and has destroyed our relationship because I am so frustrated that I try to get away from him to avoid exploding. My other kids suffer because I am yelling and crying and generally miserable which affects my relationship with them. ... (1 replies)
... My kids are super destructive. They throw thier toys across the room. Pee all over the house. ... (7 replies)
... They are kids just being normal kids. Be understanding and don't take it personally. It isn't fair but it is easier for kids to blame you than their own parents, neither of which put a stop to this. ... (4 replies)
... ife and I both are just spread thin. I'm out looking for work as the same for her, we take turns. Then we had all the unpacking and organizing for the house. Our kids are always watched by us, it is just difficult at best juggling everything. So I'm sure we have loose ends, and my kids are really good at capitolizing on them. ... (7 replies)
... You both work until the wee hours of the morning. Who is watching the kids until you both get back? ... (7 replies)
... Ya Ya, Thank you for taking the time to reply and give me so much information. I want to help you understand I do NOT bad mouth my stepchildren's mom. Never have. In fact, I am the one that always encourages their relationship with her, have helped shop and pay for from my income gifts for her and her ex-boyfriend. I have taken them to visit her. And explicit stated I am... (4 replies)
... rs, so they cannot escape to the outside unattended. Children will try parents to see just how far they can push them. Boundaries have to be set at an early age, Kids like routine, they need a structured environment. ... (7 replies)
... ould be in your own rooms. If he sleeps with the door closed you could put a bell on his door to let you know when he is awake. It is a huge adjustment to have kids of your own and to come in late on the scene like you is a monumental adjustment. I'm not sure that the child is any different than other 5 yr old boy. ... (7 replies)
... Also, believe me when I say that, G-d forbid, if something were to happen, Child Services is not going to be interested in the "I worked all night & I was sleeping" excuse. I just read on cbsnewsdotcom that this single mother, who worked the night shift at a bank, left her 2 kids at home alone (she had just gotten off welfare and started a new job - can barely pay the rent)... (7 replies)
... your sister can work alternate hours so that the kids have supervision at all times. ... (7 replies)
... Whatever your morals are, a kids will most likely be one step lower. If your moral threshold is higher, kids will go lower. Kids experiment. If he does experiment, tell him not to stay there but to make sure it's a passing phase. ... (23 replies)
... This may sound bad, but it may not take long before your destructive child gets the picture. ... (5 replies)
... I am just going by my own experience. I have 2 kids and all my kids know is a bad marriage. My husband and I have never had a good relationship. ... (7 replies)
... I suffer from Bipolar disorder and have since I was a preteen. My 11 yr old and one of my twins were diagnosed with bipolar disorder and all of my kids were diagnosed with ADHD. ... (14 replies)
... D and like games. It seems to me that they can become an addiction which, in its own way, can be as destructive as pot! ... (11 replies)
... I'm curious as to what you think is causing your kids to look at porn? ... (3 replies)
... other day without ever getting above freezing, so it is indeed starting to accumulate. Luckily we haven't had the ice some of your are getting. Little is more destructive than ice, so I am relieved we have the beautiful, soft snow. ... (77 replies)

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