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3 yr old troubles
May 30, 2005
... The thing with the "prize" or "candy" after peeing is your child will ALWAYS have to go and you will spend half you day in the bathroom and they will not go. So the treats did not work like I thought they would. ... (9 replies)
... i'd tackle one thing at a time. doing both, in my opinion, would be too hard for the baby. i'd say do the crib transition first. once that is smoothed out, then you can tackle weaning. ... (15 replies)
... Does anyone else DREAD getting their 19 month old to bed? ... (3 replies)

... i had nothing better to do at the time, and we did EVERYTHING together... ... (5 replies)
(((Please Help)))
Jan 27, 2005
... I would say so because the child was able to get out of the crib just like your daughter is able to get out of her bed. good luck! Lord knows we all need our sleep and it seems imperative that you get this resolved before your new baby arrives. ... (3 replies)
... so glad posted..I was getting a little worried there.. glad to hear that things with DH is better.. im glad you banned him from contact with the neighbors.. just keep a close eye on things.. ... (122 replies)
... The first thing I did was STOPED taking her to bed with me when she cried ... I thought it was helping me get some much needed rest but it wasn't! I would just lay in bed listening to her squirm! ... (4 replies)
... What you are going through is normal. People make light of it later, and no one prepares you for just how hard it's going to be. When my baby was a month old I truly thought I was in a living hell! ... (19 replies)
... You are probably roght Mindy. I actually have "had it" woth DH in this situation. ... (23 replies)
Sleeping Baby
Nov 5, 2003
... I agree with Bellestar. All of my kids slept in a bassinet next to my bed until they were too big for it. Then we moved to a crib. It is nice to have them near you and your child might like to just hear you breathing next to him. ... (4 replies)
... I agree with Greenberry, but it is never too late to start. Start with a nightly routine ..i.e. dinner, baths, story, maybe a little tv for the older ones, tuck them into bed and turn out the lights. ... (5 replies)
... etters from the Alabama Department of Human Resources stating that, upon investigation, we are both deemed suitable for adopting a child. Another hurdle crossed in our adoption journey. ... (5 replies)
... But it'll be so worth it to see our families! ... (210 replies)
... Hi everyone. I am posting this to warn all mommies considering day care. Also to see if any one has ever had a bad day care experience like ours. ... (7 replies)
... I gotta tell you, you would be a whole lot happier about the situation if you calmed down about how you feel about it. You and DH created the habit and now you feel "played" when she wants to sleep with you? ... (23 replies)
... You dont seem dense! Being a new mommy is HARD! Plus, thats why we all get on this trade our mommy wisdoms! ... (3 replies)
... She's 2. She's going to want things her way. Toddlers are very very self centered about their universe. She's got competition from the baby. She has poor impulse control, she's 2. ... (10 replies)
... That really sucks that you cant get any sleep. That is such a hard cycle to break. How long will he go without sleep if you dont hold him. Maybe he will get so pooped he will just crash. I know that is a tough thing to do with a schedule involved though. ... (4 replies)

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